Surprising Benefits of Pole Dancing

When pole dancing comes out of somebody’s mouth, what pops in your mind? Do you envision exotic dancers that are scantily clad and gyrating sensually? Then your jaw will surely drop upon knowing that pole dancing has come a long, long way — it’s now actually regarded as an excellent form of fitness!

Just about any woman who wants to get in shape can get involved with pole dancing simply by attending a class at her local gym. But if such is not available, it’s still very much possible to become adept at this art form with the help of online instructional videos, many of which comes from pole dancing teachers and aficionados themselves.

Willing to ditch that stigma attached to pole dancing? Then with an open mind, continue reading. Below you’ll come across some of the most surprising benefits offered by pole dancing. And if you are on the hunt for an exciting form of exercise, you might even find yourself looking for a class right after reading this article!

It Tones and Strengthens the Arm and Leg Muscles

As your proficiency in pole dancing improves, you will find that some of the moves are very good at toning as well as strengthening the major muscle groups in your upper and lower extremities. Hanging upside down, swinging around the pole without your feet touching the floor — these and more can work out your arm and leg muscles.

It Burns Lots of Calories

Wait until you are taught by your pole dancing teacher some of the most advanced pole dancing moves — you will surely realize how great of a cardiovascular exercise it is. Because of this, making pole dancing as your workout of choice can help you get rid of those excess pounds, letting you attain the figure of your dreams.

It Prevents Osteoporosis From Striking

Compared to men, women are more susceptible to osteoporosis because of the hormonal changes that take place when they get older. So while still young, consider learning pole dancing. That’s because it is an excellent strengthener not only of your bones, but also the joints that are very prone to wear and tear as you age.

It Lowers Your Stress Levels

We all know the importance of managing stress. Otherwise, your risk of anxiety, insomnia, weight gain and even heart disease can increase. One of the most effective stress-busters out there is pole dancing because it diverts your mind to learning an art form. And also, it gives you the opportunity to win new friends from your class.

It Improves Balance and Flexibility

There are many everyday tasks that can be carried out more efficiently and safely if you have superb balance and flexibility, from washing your car to grocery shopping. While there are lots of exercises that help improve both balance and flexibility, many of them tend to pale in comparison with pole dancing.

It Helps Boost Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

Nothing can make you love and believe in yourself more than learning a skill or talent, and that’s why attending pole dancing classes can help increase both your self-esteem and confidence. There are so many positive things that can also stem from such, like having the motivation to stay fit and getting your mood lifted.

As you can see, pole dancing is something that offers a number of impressive benefits. If you’re amazed by this form of fitness that many women can’t stop raving about, feel free to share this article on social media!

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