Fitness Super Fun Family Workouts to Do in Summer

Super Fun Family Workouts to Do in Summer

Finally! Summer is already here! The sun will be warming the place up, and you’re practically left with your kids at home all day long. It’s great that the kids will be staying more at home, but when they are starting to spend most of their time, watching TV, or locked up in their room playing video games, you need to make plans on how you can keep them engaged in a healthy and fun manner.

Why not prepare a list of fun family workouts that you and your kids can do while on vacation? Here are some examples on what you can do with your kids.

Backyard obstacle course

Transform your backyard into an obstacle course by using your kids’ toys as part of the routine. You can add hula-hoops, badminton, balls, you name it, you can use it to create an exciting routine for everyone. You can even set up stations where each participant needs to do a certain number of reps to move on to the next obstacle course.

Go on hikes

If there are hiking trails near your place, then what better way to keep your kids active than taking them out on day hikes? This can be a family adventure if you like, or you can start ahead and leave some goodies for your kids to find while you hike. These surprises will help them to keep going too.

Start a garden

Another family fun activity that you can do that will not only keep your young ones busy, but your yard looking great, is to invite your kids to start their own garden. All that digging, transplanting plants, and even decorating your outdoors will give them a sense of accomplishment once they see the finished project. Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there because you can challenge your kids to actually keep the plants alive throughout the year. Whoever maintains their garden well can get a reward after.

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Go ninja

If you have been watching American Ninja Warrior, you and your kids would have been screaming every time a contestant gets wiped out by the obstacle. Most likely your kids will feel like ninja themselves afterwards, so why not channel their inner warrior than to make a mini course? Of course, this should be done with their safety in mind. Your kids will appreciate the support, plus, you can make your own alongside theirs too. How’s that for a family bonding event?

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Commercial break challenges

Another fun summer activity that you can do with your kids is to use commercial breaks to perform certain exercises. Have someone call out what workout everyone will do every time there is a commercial break, then have someone else do it for the next round. Not only will you guys be guessing what exercise you will be doing, but everyone is going to stay healthy too.

Go on bike rides

Now is the best time to dust those bikes gathering cobwebs in your garage and make bike rides a thing for the whole family. It doesn’t matter if your little one is still using training wheels on their bike, they’ll be more than happy to follow you around. It’s actually a great start for your kids to learn how to bike around, even around your backyard first.

These are just a few workouts that you can do with your family during the summer. From obstacle courses, to challenging activities inside your home, you’ll never run out of challenging workouts that you can teach your kids this summer season.

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