Beauty Tips for Oily Skin Woes

Having oily skin can pose some problems like acne flare ups, the appearance of whiteheads, blackheads, and other bumps on the skin because of the over production of sebum. The oil that is being excreted can actually clog our pores causing dirt and debris to build up triggering inflammation. Those with oily skin know that investing on the right skin care products can prevent acne flare ups and other skin problems from arising.

So how can you maintain smooth looking skin even when you have oily skin? Here are some beauty tips to solve your oily skin woes.

  1. Start cleansing. One of the most efficient ways to regulate oil production on your skin is to start cleansing. Cleaning your face two to three times a day is one way of ensuring that there are less dirt clinging to your skin that may clog your pores. You can opt for foam or gel cleansers as they are designed for oily skin. However, make sure that you skip being too aggressive with cleansing your skin as this can irritate the surface even more which can lead to over production of oil.
  2. Facial masks are good for you. Another way to alleviate oily skin is to apply a clay mask once a week. Clay masks are ideal for those whose body produces excess oil because the clay can absorb the oil while getting rid of any impurities too.
  3. Apply toner that is alcohol-free. Toning your skin daily can help ease oil production on your skin while at the same time minimize the amount of dirt getting trapped in the pores of your skin. Just make sure that you choose an alcohol-free toner to prevent over production of sebum.
  4. Sunscreen is your friend. Women with oily skin tend to skip applying sunscreen because they are worried about the feeling of being too greasy. What happens is that when you skip using sunscreen, you are actually exposing yourself to the UV rays being emitted by the sun that can damage your skin. Look for sunscreens that are designed for oily skin or go for the gel-based ones as they won’t make your skin look too greasy afterwards.
  5. Always moisturize. It’s a common misconception that having oily skin no longer needs moisture like other types of skin. On the contrary, you still need to apply moisturizer to prevent over production of sebum. What’s more, moisturizing your skin actually helps with hydration so your skin will look smooth and supple and less prone to acne breakouts. A good choice for moisturizer is the non-comedogenic and oil-free to avoid aggravating your skin’s condition.
  6. Exfoliate. Another trick to solve your oily skin problems is to exfoliate your skin at least twice in a week. This can help remove any dead skin that has been clogging your pores to minimize acne flare ups. Just make sure that you scrub your skin gently so as not to irritate your skin. Slowly scrubbing your face can help reveal new skin that is less oily compared to before.
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