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7 Tips to Lose Weight in Your Sleep

Losing weight is not an easy task to accomplish as there are many factors that can contribute to weight gain such as peer pressure, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle. However, people nowadays are more aware of the dangers linked to weight gain that is why many have already broken down their meals into smaller ones to minimize overeating. Add to this the fact that the more we stay up, the more calories we tend to consume.

Experts are speculating that the best way to lose excess weight is by sleeping early so that your body can start burning fat without you adding any more to it. By reducing the number of times that you eat per day and sleeping for longer periods of time, you will see an improvement in your current weight.

To get you started, here are 7 tips that you should keep in mind so that you can lose weight while you are sleeping.

  1. Turn down the thermostat. Did you know that sleeping in a cool room can actually help you burn more calories? This is due to the fact that your body will raise its core temperature to combat the coldness which means it will burn more fats to fuel your body.
  2. Take a tea break. Tea time tends to put the mind in a relaxed state which is useful after a long and stressful day. To make this more enjoyable, why not choose teas that are linked with weight loss such as green tea? The antioxidants present in the tea can help eliminate free radicals while giving your metabolism a boost. And once your mind is in a more relaxed state, you’ll be able to sleep better too.
  3. Schedule your bedtime. As much as we would like to get plenty of sleep, we tend to get distracted by a new show on TV or a movie that you missed. Most of us will stay up late to finish it which robs us of precious sleep. The best way for you to stick to your sleep schedule is to keep in mind the amount of calories that you get to burn even without doing anything when you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily.
  4. Drink protein shakes. One study showed that drinking protein shakes before you sleep can actually help speed up your metabolism. Researchers have discovered that men who eat snacks that contain up to 30 grams of protein actually have a higher metabolic rate compared to those who don’t.
  5. Sleep in the dark. There are many light sources that can penetrate our bedroom such as bedside lamp, digital alarm clock, the streetlamp across the street, and even your night lamp. These light sources can affect your sleep as your body tends to respond when there is light. By turning off any light source in your room or putting up heavy drapes on the windows so you will be sleeping in the darkness, you will be less likely to gain weight.
  6. Turn off your gadgets. Most of us tend to use our gadgets while we are in bed but this habit of ours can actually harm us in the long run because the blue light being emitted by these gadgets can affect your body’s melatonin production which can slow down your metabolism. Turn off your smartphone and tablet if you want to sleep better.
  7. Take a hot shower. Another trick to sleeping better is to take a hot shower before you go to sleep. The warm temperature can help your muscles relax so you will have an easier time drifting off to sleep.
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