Sleep Deprivation Can Cause These Problems

If you think that eye bags that no amount of concealer can hide are the only ones that you can get from failure to have 7 to 9 hours of restorative and uninterrupted sleep, think again. According to experts, there are so many other very serious health-related nightmares that can bug you if you’re constantly deprived of much-needed sleep per night.

Without further ado, let’s check out the problems that may come into being as a result of sleep deprivation:

Poor Concentration

According to health professionals, lack of sleep can negative affect your brain. You may have a hard time focusing and concentrating, and you may experience poor memory. This is a very serious matter as it can put your work performance on the line, plus it can also put your life and those of others around you in grave danger.

Mood Swings

Failure to get plenty of shut-eye can cause you to encounter drastic mood swings. It’s not unlikely for you to also have depression or anxiety. If you are diagnosed with a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, it’s very important to dodge lack of sleep as it’s something that can in fact cause exacerbation of the mental issue you have.  

High Blood Pressure

Refrain from assuming that a diet that’s high in sodium is the only thing that can cause high blood pressure or hypertension to come into being. According to doctors, there are so many other things that can wreak havoc on your blood pressure, and one of those is failure to get lots of Z’s. Having high blood pressure is bad for the various organs, and it can increase your risk of developing the following entry.

Cardiovascular Disease

Doctors say that the leading cause of death in the US and elsewhere on the face of the planet is cardiovascular disease. There are many risk factors for it, and one of those is high blood pressure that lack of sleep can bring. Not getting plenty of sleep can cause inflammation, too, and it can cause and also aggravate problems related to the heart.

Unnecessary Weight Gain

Insomnia can cause hormonal imbalance. The problem with this is it can cause so many health-related concerns to come into being. One of those is unwanted weight gain as the hormones that tell your brain that your stomach is already full can be affected, too. Mood issues stemming from lack of sleep may also leave you feeling hungry for sugary treats all the time.


Hormonal imbalance resulting from not having lots of shut-eye per night can also affect the production of insulin, a chemical that encourages sugar in the blood to enter the cells. Problems concerning your insulin can cause your blood sugar levels to remain high all the time, and this can put you at risk of developing diabetes.

Frequent Infections

You may find yourself battling the common cold, flu and all sorts of infections all the time if you are constantly deprived of much-needed sleep. That’s because it can actually weaken your immune system dramatically, thus leaving your body defenseless against invading microbes that can cause all kinds of diseases and illnesses.

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WARNING: It’s true that there are so many home remedies available for insomnia, ranging from drinking a cup of chamomile tea to snacking on a piece of banana. But if they fail to deal with the problem, it’s a good idea for you to pay your doctor a visit. There are instances in which sleep deprivation can be blamed on a medical condition that needs to be identified and treated accordingly.

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