Put a Bar of Soap Under Your Sheets and See What Happens

Soap is cheap and readily available. Who knew that aside from cleaning your skin, this everyday personal care item can also be your nightly companion in your desire to spend sufficient amounts of time in dreamland?

We all know the importance of getting enough sleep each night. However, things such as leg cramps and restless leg syndrome or RLS can keep you from having a good night’s sleep. If you’re one of those people who are bugged by any of the said problems, read on. Below you will learn how to combat your nightly woe with soap!


How It Works

To date, no one really knows why it works. However, one thing’s for sure, and that’s a lot of individuals who are deprived of sleep because of leg cramps and RLS swear by the effectiveness of placing a bar of soap under the sheets.

Scientists say that it’s just a placebo. However, the claims of so many well-slept people from across the planet simply cannot be overlooked. Some proponents believe that it’s because of the magnesium content of soap. You see, both leg cramps and RLS can be linked to a deficiency in magnesium.

Then there are some believers who think that soap is great against leg cramps and RLS because of certain chemicals it contains. Some of those ingredients, they surmise, are capable of dilating the blood vessels. By promoting circulation to the legs, the muscles can be supplied with more oxygen and toxins in them can be removed better.


What Type is Best

There is really no best or worst soap to use, provided that it’s soap. After all, the basic ingredients of various soap types remain the same. Be it baby soap or whitening soap, it is very much likely to work.

You really don’t have to buy a lot of soap to ward off leg cramps and RLS. A single bar of soap can go a long way. However, soap dries out after several days of exposure to the air. So should you throw away a dry one and replace it with something that’s fresh from the packaging? Not quite! All you have to do is shave off the surface of the dried out soap to reveal parts that are still moist. Simply do this procedure every couple of weeks.


Where It’s Placed

Many who count on this simple and pocket-friendly home remedy say that the sweet spot is anywhere that’s near your legs. All you have to do is slip a bar of soap near the foot of your bed, and wait for it to do its job. Some people say that it may take a couple of days before it begins to work. Be patient!

If you don’t like the idea that there’s a large something under the sheets, fret not. That’s because you may actually just cut a small piece of soap from that hulking bar, and then have it placed where it should be placed.

Certainly, a smaller piece of soap will dry out much faster than a large one. Shaving off the surface may be challenging as it is very much likely for the sliver of soap to crumble. If you wish to go for a small piece of soap rather than a large counterpart, then what you need to do is slip a new tiny piece of soap under the sheet every week or so.


Why Try This Solution

Despite of the fact that experts are denying the effectiveness of soap under the sheets against leg cramps and RLS, many are attesting to the purported benefits of soap. Besides, in case it fails to work, what do you have to lose? If after a few days you don’t get anything from it, simply toss the bar of soap in the bathroom — not a single cent wasted! But if it does work very well, ah, your life is changed!







Source: davidwolfe.com

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