Signs of Poor Digestion That You’re Ignoring

Nausea, stomach pain, bloating, excess gas — everyone knows that these are symptoms of poor digestion. But did you know that there are many other indicators that your digestive system is not working optimally, and many of them can appear as though they have nothing to do with the process of digestion?

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Body Odor

On a regular basis, toxins and digestive by-products in the colon have to be flushed out of the body to keep them from causing an assortment of problems. One of the things that can arise if they are not removed out of your system efficiently is body odor — they can get to the bloodstream and escape your body via your skin in the form of bad odors. Using deodorant is not enough as the unfriendly smell can seem like they’re coming from everywhere.

Skin Issues

Poisonous substances and waste products trapped in your body can also cause all sorts of skin problems the minute they try to escape your body via your skin. Pimples and acne are some examples. If you are suffering from psoriasis or eczema, then you may encounter frequent flare-ups if your digestive system is not in a good shape. So if it seems like your dermatologist is clueless, you might want to consider paying a gastroenterologist a visit real soon.

Bad Breath

It’s not just your body that may reek if your digestive system is not functioning properly, but also your breath. Your entire GI tract is a long and continuous tube, and smelly gases produced can escape your from both ends. The kind of bad breath you get from poor digestion refuses to go away no matter how often you brush your teeth, how regularly you floss, or how powerful your mouthwash is.

Hair Loss

Does it seem like your mane is getting thinner and thinner? If your digestive system is not A-OK, then it may be the reason behind such cosmetic nightmare. With poor digestion, your hair follicles fail to get all the nutrients they need in order to keep producing hair as well as keeping existing hair strands intact. The good news is hair loss that is due to digestive issues can be reversed as soon as your digestion is fixed and starts running properly once again.

Brittle Nails

According to doctors, your nails may actually be used as tools for them to get an idea on what’s taking place in your body. It can be easy to tell what health issue you have if your nails have vertical ridges, horizontal lines or white spots on them. If your digestive system is in a terrible shape, it’s not unlikely for you your nails to become brittle and prone to breaking — they are not being supplied with the nutrients necessary for their health.

Joint Pain

Digestive problems can cause inflammation, and inflammation is something that can leave your joints feeling achy, stiff and swollen. Actually, more and more specialists these days are considering arthritis as a symptom of poor digestion. If your digestive tract is in a poor state, toxins and even food particles in the gut can seep out of the intestinal tract, and this causes the body’s immune system to spring into action, leading to inflammation.

Weight Problem

No matter if you are having a hard time gaining or losing weight, chances are that your digestive system can be blamed for it. If it’s not working optimally, then you fail to unlock the nutrients (fat, protein, etc.) in the food you eat. Such can lead to weight loss. Likewise, the by-products of digestion, both solid particles and gasses, can accumulate in the gut, and this can make your waistline expand. It can also actually register on the bathroom scale.

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