Exercises That Burn More Calories Compared to Running

Most people turn to running when they are trying to lose weight or staying fit, but the constant pounding on the streets can take a toll on your knees and ankles. Also, you may think that you are losing a considerable amount of weight with running but you might be surprised to find that it is going to take you a while before you see any results. Fortunately, there are other exercises that you can turn to that will you help you burn more calories than what you have expected with running. Here are some workout suggestions for you try.


If you want to burn some serious calories without risking getting injured then you better try the rowing machine. You will need to go 200 watts for this machine to get a decent burn on your muscles. You will find that rowing machines have watts listed on them so you can get to choose the intensity of your workout. As an added bonus, you can get to work on your back muscles too. Not bad, right?

Kettlebell swing

Have you ever tried swinging the kettlebell? Well, studies show that you are burning 20.2 calories per minute with the kettlebell with the heart rate at 93% maximum in just 20 minutes of training. This explosive workout targets your glutes and quads with every swing that you do because you will need to control the weight of the kettlebell to avoid letting it fly.

Indoor cycling

If you are looking for another workout that will help you burn more calories, try indoor cycling. You will need to go 200 watts or more on this indoor cycling machine to start burning calories. If your indoor cycling doesn’t have any watts posted on the display, simply turn the resistance to high to really give your muscles the challenge that it is looking for. You will feel a nice burn on your legs and you will be sweating your fats pretty soon.


How about a little bodyweight workout to torch some serious fats? Burpees are one of the best ways for you to get your metabolism up and running. This exercise combines squat, kickbacks, push, up and explosive jumping all rolled into one. Do as many reps as you can in 1 minute and you will find yourself feeling out of breath and your muscles straining to complete each rep. You know you are getting a decent workout with this exercise pretty soon.


Another possible exercise that will be good for your body and your weight is to do some kickboxing sessions. Just an hour or two of kickboxing is going to make you sweat tons but the best part is that you will be toning more than just your arms and legs but your core too. 

If you are getting bored with running or you want to make your workouts a little more challenging to really get your weight down, then mix and match these exercises in your routine.

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