Daily Habits That Lower Your Sperm Count

If you want to have kids, it’s of greatest importance for you to maintain optimum sperm count. This considerably increases the chance that at least of one of your swimmers will be a gold medal winner during the fertilization event. However, it is possible for the sperm count to be affected by some habits done by men — and you may be one of them!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at those everyday habits that can lower your sperm count:

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Moderate alcohol intake among males entails two drinks per day only. If you’re consuming more than that, then it’s very much likely that you are hurting your sperm population. Alcohol damages the liver, which is the neutralizer of toxins in your body. Too much toxins within can definitely damage your sperm cells.

Smoking Cigarettes

There is no denying that cigarette smoking introduces tons of toxins into your system, and that’s something that can decrease your sperm count. Smoking cigarettes also damages your blood vessels, including those that supply your testicles with blood containing oxygen and nutrients.

Wearing Tight Garments

Putting on boxer briefs and skinny jeans are a no-no if you want to keep your sperm count optimum. That’s because those things can increase the amount of heat between your legs, damaging newly-manufactured sperm cells. Definitely, you should also steer clear of prolonged laptop use and frequent use of saunas and hot tubs.

Using Workout Supplements

Are you using workout supplements that contain steroids? Well, your muscles may be getting bigger but the number of your sperm cells may be getting smaller. Those steroid-containing supplements cause the body to think that it has enough testosterone already, and this shuts down the production of sperm cells.

Consuming Lots of Soy

Including soy in your diet comes with a number of health benefits. However, it’s an entirely different story if you are stuffing your face with soy. That’s because soy and soy-based products contain certain compounds that act just like the female hormone estrogen, and this can negate testosterone in your body.

Eating Processed Food Products

It’s no secret that processed foods are bad for the health. Did you know that they can also lower your risk of being a father because they can decrease your sperm count? Many of the ingredients they have are toxic, and it’s quite easy to see why they can have an unfavorable impact on your sperm production.

Having High Levels of Stress

Leading a stressful life damages your sperm count in a lot of ways, just like it does your overall health. Experts say that high blood pressure due to stress can wreak havoc to your sperm production. Also, hormonal imbalance that stress brings may also cause a significance decrease in your sperm count.

Enjoying a Sedentary Life

If you are thinking that relaxing all the time can help increase your sperm count as it is definitely not a stressful task, think again. Having a sedentary life can put you at risk of being overweight or obese, which is something that can cause normal hormone levels go out of whack. As mentioned earlier, such can impede production of sperm.

Some important matters to consider: There are a number of medical conditions that can lower your sperm count. Some of them include hormone imbalances, tumors and varicocele, which is the most common reversible reason behind male infertility. Seeking the help of a specialist can help in determining and treating the underlying cause.

If you are trying to have a baby for a year now but it seems like the odds are against you, it’s a good idea to consider a fertility doctor. He or she is someone that couples who are having a hard time conceiving run to in order to identify any problem that they may have, as well as to learn about all of their available options.

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