What You Need to Know About Prebiotics

We’re all into probiotics when it comes to digestion but have you ever considered what prebiotics can do to you? Probiotics are known for their contribution to good bacteria in your colon where it can help with the digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food that you are ingesting. Probiotics also play a role in boosting your body’s ability to combat bacteria while preventing chronic digestive disorders from happening. Now that you have an idea on what probiotics are for, prebiotics shouldn’t be forgotten at all. As a matter of fact, prebiotics are the reason why probiotics are present in your body because they are the ones that feed probiotics so that they will be able to grow better in your gut.

Probiotics are often present in fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, coconut yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha just to name a few. With regards to prebiotics, this indigestible fiber can only be found in certain types of food. This fiber doesn’t really get digested in the small intestine hence it goes through the GI tract where it sits there undigested. The probiotics will then feed on the prebiotics so they will be able to expand and repopulate your gut for better digestion.

Benefits of Prebiotics

There are several benefits to be gained from getting prebiotics in your system. Here are a few worth taking note of.

Boosts digestion

It appears that more than 70 million people have digestive problems which are linked to poor gut bacteria. If this is the case, you will need more prebiotics in your body so that probiotics will be able to repopulate your gut with healthy bacteria. This, in turn, will help lessen any digestive problems that you may be having such as gas as well as bloating just to name a few.

Absorbs nutrients better

Another benefit that is linked to having sufficient amounts of prebiotics in your system is that it helps with nutrient absorption. Prebiotics can actually help repopulate probiotics that are present in your gut. Probiotics are needed in absorbing nutrients, this is true, but it is the prebiotics that is the key to nutrient absorption since they are the ones that are responsible for bringing more probiotics in your gut.

Detox naturally

If you’ve been following a detox plan for your colon, there is a huge chance that one type of prebiotics is included in your cleansing program. One reason behind this is that prebiotics can work as a natural detoxifying agent that can cleanse your bowels so that you will be able to flush toxins from your body properly.

Aids in weight loss

Another advantage that you can get from prebiotics is that it can also aid in your weight loss as it supports better digestion. When your digestive system isn’t working properly, your body won’t be able to eliminate the toxins present in your body. With that being said, having more prebiotics in your body can actually aid in your weight loss because it stays in your gut for hours. This will leave you feeling full for hours. Another thing about prebiotics is that it helps with regulating your blood sugar levels so your energy levels will remain steady all the time.

Better immune system

You will find that having prebiotics can actually support your immune system which can give you the protection that you need against various bacterial and viral infection that are running around. The problem with most of our diet is that we don’t get enough fiber in our system, hence we end up with poor gut health. Prebiotics can help out in this aspect.

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