Healthy PicksFoods to Eat If You Have Nighttime Anxiety

Foods to Eat If You Have Nighttime Anxiety

Are you like many people out there who suffer from nighttime anxiety? Then this article is made just for you. If you keep on reading, you will learn some of the reasons why anxiety tends to appear or worsen when the sun goes down, and also come across certain foods that can help you deal with the problem effectively and naturally.

Some people experience anxiety throughout the day but tend to be overwhelmed by it at night. Then there are also those who encounter anxiety only when they’re about to hop into bed or already in it.

Experts say that anxiety tends to strike or worsen at nighttime because there are far fewer distractions. During the day, the mind is preoccupied with a lot of things, giving it very little or no time to focus on worrying or upsetting thoughts. But when the night strikes, there is practically nothing that can keep the mind from being busy.

They also believe that anxiety at the end of the day is made possible by stress. Pressure and tension at the workplace can pile up, easily leading to anxiety that is quite noticeable when all the hustle and bustle is finally through.

Making nighttime anxiety a big problem is the fact that it can keep you from having a good night’s sleep. And when you fail to spend enough time in dreamland, it can be very hard to function the following day. You can easily wind up extremely stressed, which can worsen your nighttime anxiety and leave you further sleep deprived. It’s a really nasty cycle!

Fortunately, nighttime anxiety is something that can be dealt with simply by making a few dietary changes. When the day is over, reach for some of the following to help lower your stress and ultimately your anxiety:

Dark Chocolate

A small piece of dark chocolate that is devoid of unnecessary sugar and milk can help control your nighttime anxiety and even help you snooze. What makes dark chocolate very good at such is the fact that it can help lower stress hormones and at the same time give your mood a quick lift.

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Snacking on a handful of blueberries at the end of the day floods your body with antioxidants that help combat the unfavorable effects of stress. And once your stress levels are down, your anxiety will go away on its own.


While it is known as a breakfast treat, oatmeal may also be enjoyed at night most especially if you just had a long and stressful day. That’s because its magnesium content is known to help in stabilizing the mood. It also contains calcium and potassium, both of which are known to have relaxing properties.


Feel free to top your oatmeal with crushed almonds because they are leaded with healthy fats that your body needs to combat brain fatigue. Almonds also yield zinc that helps balance your mood.

Plain Yogurt

Did you know that an unhealthy gut is commonly linked to anxiety and various other problems with the mood? One way to keep your gut in a great shape is by consuming foods that are packed with beneficial bacteria, such as yogurt. This healthy treat also helps boost serotonin, a brain chemical that is known to regulate anxiety.


Lastly, you may reach for a banana to help ward off not only anxiety, but also insomnia that can result from it. There is also potassium in bananas that helps regulate both the heart rate and blood pressure.

If you feel that your nighttime anxiety is worsening and no mind-relaxing food seems to help, it is a good idea to speak with a therapist or psychologist for you to know some of the best ways to deal with your nightly problem.

Do you have family and friends who complain of having nighttime anxiety that keeps them from enjoying some Z’s? Then have this article reposted online to let them know which foods can help lower their anxiety level and let get plenty of shut-eye so that they may be able to face the challenges of the following day without much trouble!

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