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Easy Ways to Fight Fatigue

Have you ever wondered why you’ve been feeling tired almost all the time? Sure, you may lack sleep, but fatigue symptoms may also manifest from one’s inability to handle life’s stressors, decreased personal motivation and lack of overall energy. But the thing is whatever slump you may have been in currently, it doesn’t have to last forever.  Zeroing-in on the reasons why you’re constantly tired (besides the fact that you’re overly busy) may lead you to some quick fixes. Below are a few nifty ways to beat that fatigued feeling all the time.

  • Sleep and do your exercises at the right time.

Feeling lousy and tired every time does not necessarily center on how many hours you allow yourself to sleep; it can also be about when you are actually taking a snooze or when you decide to be active. It’s been established that an average adult needs around 7-9 hours of sleep each night. You’d think that it’s a relatively easy feat, right? Apparently, actually staying asleep for 7-9 hours is easier said than done, especially for a lot of people.  Going to bed at around 10 pm and rising at around 6 am the next day is great for your natural circadian rhythm. Also, exercising in the morning instead of evenings should give you a better night’s sleep.

  • Consume more protein than sugar.

One more cause of fatigue may be the kinds of food you ingest.  Food directly affects your glucose levels which then affects how your body produces insulin. Sugar consumption may lead to short-term spikes in your blood sugar and can result to you feeling more tired than usual. And remember, consistent blood sugar increase in the long run will increase your risk for developing diabetes and obesity. To even everything out, strive to consume more protein than sugary foods, as the former helps in making you feel fuller longer and won’t make you feel tired after consumption.  Around 90-120 grams of protein is ideal per day

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, spread across regular meals and snacks.

  • Be careful of your caffeine consumption.

Well you don’t really want to hear this, unfortunately, th

is bit is true: coffee can end up making you feel  tired.  As it turns out, the caffeine content of coffee can aggravate the adrenal glands, which forces them to work past their limit.  If you can’t skip coffee, you may want to have it after having a protein-packed breakfast, so you’ll feel less tired for the duration of the day. Why? Because by eating first thing in the morning, you are in a way replenishing your body’s sources of natural energy, ergo, the effect of caffeine won’t hit your body as hard.  For a lighter caffeine fix, opt for green tea instead. Also, make sure to avoid all forms of caffeine after 2-3 pm.

  • Load up on Vitamin B
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If you’re tired all the time, you might turn for Vitamin B12 for some help.  This vitamin is found occurring naturally with meats, eggs, fish, and dairy. It also comes in

pill supplements for those people who may not always have access to vitamin B-rich foods.  Ample levels of Vitamin B in your system can help provide you with more energy throughout the day.

  • Seek for medical consultation.

If after implement all the aforementioned suggestions and your fatigue problems still persists, then it’s best to seek further medical attention. Your fatigue may be a symptom of other health conditions such as anemia, gluten sensitivity, diabetes, mononucleosis, hypoglycaemia or hypothyroidism.

Easy Ways to Fight Fatigue



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