Remarkable Medicinal Benefits of Lady Fern

Lady fern grows abundantly across the US and in some parts of Canada, Europe and Australia. It loves to thrive in damp and acidic soil and where there is little sunlight available. For so many years now, it’s being used by traditional healers for preventing and treating a number of health problems, from minor wounds, constipation to the common cold.

Shuttlecock fern, eagle fern, fiddlehead fern — these are the other names of lady fern. The parts of the said plant that is commonly used for medicinal purposes are the roots and tops.

The said parts of lady fern are commonly employed in the form of decoction and infusion. They are also oftentimes turned into tea, which many find unpleasant to drink because of its horrid taste and smell. In some instances, compounds present in the various parts of lady fern are extracted and used as potent tinctures.

Let’s now take a look at some of the most remarkable medicinal properties possessed by lady fern:

Eliminated Parasitic Worms

Traditionally, a strong decoction of the leaves and roots of lady fern is given orally for the removal of parasitic worms in the intestines. Having those unwelcome organisms in the gut eliminated is important to keep them from laying eggs, causing more and more health concerns in the long run.

Relieved Constipation

Milder tea from the various parts of lady fern may be consumed by those who are being bugged by constipation. Thanks to its laxative properties, removal of digestive by-products in the colon can be facilitated.

Alleviated Digestive Problems

Other than constipation, lady fern tea may also be employed for relieving a few other issues concerning the digestive tract. For instance, it may be taken by those who are having a bout of indigestion. Since lady fern is a cholagogue, it may be consumed to assist bile in the digestion of fat as well as absorption of various fat-soluble vitamins.

Increased Urine Production

Tea out of the leaves and roots of lady fern may be taken, too, by those who suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs) because it helps increase urine production, flushing out bacteria in the urinary system.

Managed Respiratory System Issues

One of the most popular traditional uses of lady fern is for the management of various problems concerning the respiratory system. For instance, it may be taken in tea form for relieving the symptoms of the common cold, cough and flu. Traditional healers also use lady fern for dealing with asthma and bronchitis.

Lessened Body Aches

In many areas of the planet where lady fern tea is native to, taking it in tea form is a popular remedy for headaches. It’s also something that is said to work wonderfully against joint and muscle aches.

Reduced Infection Risk

Paste out of the powdered roots of lady fern possesses superb antimicrobial properties, and that is why it is commonly applied on minor wounds and burns. It’s always a good idea to keep any break in the skin from being attacked by microbes because an infection may strike, which can delay healing and even cause further problems.

CAUTION: Just like when using any other herb for managing various health problems, employ lady fern only with the help of a reputable herbalist. If you are diagnosed with a medical condition, remember to ask your doctor if it’s okay for you to use lady fern for therapeutic or medicinal purposes. While lady fern is said to help in breast milk production, pregnant women should stay away from it — there isn’t enough research stating whether it’s safe for them to use it.

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