Healthy PicksReasons to Have Some Maitake Mushrooms

Reasons to Have Some Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms got their name from a Japanese word that says “dancing mushrooms”. It is said that they are named as such because, many years in the past, people who stumbled upon them danced with joy — they are flooded with happiness due to the healing properties of maitake mushrooms.

Will you be dancing, too, upon learning about the many health benefits of maitake mushrooms? Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s by continuing to read this article!

Native to Japan and China and also thriving abundantly in many North American areas, maitake mushrooms are commonly found growing at the bases of maple, elm and oak trees. Because of the way they look, they are also sometimes called “sheep’s head” or “hen of the woods”.

Maitake mushrooms are some of the most versatile mushrooms out there because it can be added to just about anything, ranging from soups, stews, pizza, salads and omellettes. It’s also very much possible to have them stir-fried or sautéed with other vegetables. Maitake mushrooms are also perfect for grilling or pan-roasting.

For some people, the strong earthy taste of maitake mushrooms can be overpowering at times, and that’s why only a little of them is recommended to be used for cooking.

Aside from being highly nutritious, maitake mushrooms also possess therapeutic or medicinal properties. It’s exactly for this reason why they are also being sold as supplements in various forms such as dried, powdered, capsules and extracts. These days, you can easily purchase maitake mushroom supplements at health food stores.

Now that you are acquainted with maitake mushrooms, it’s now time for us to put the spotlight on the many health perks they are known to offer. Here are some of the reasons for you to include them in your diet:

They Help Strengthen the Bones

Maitake mushrooms, just like so many other mushrooms around, are wonderful sources of vitamin D. The said nutrient is a role player in the prevention of osteoporosis, according to experts. That’s because it helps your body absorb calcium more effectively, allowing your bones to end up strong and resistant to breakage.

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They Also Lift the Mood

Did you know that vitamin D is also very good at preventing depression? It’s for this reason why getting enough sun is something that can help lift the mood — the sun supplies the body with vitamin D. However, you can also obtain good amounts of vitamin D from certain foods, and maitake mushrooms are just some of those.

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They Control Oxidative Stress

Regularly consuming maitake mushrooms is great for those who are leading very active and busy lifestyles. It’s for the fact that these mushrooms are packed with antioxidants that help minimize the unfavorable effects of stress on the body.

Due to their antioxidant content, maitake mushrooms may also lower cancer risk.

They Manage Chronic Inflammation

It’s also because of the loads of antioxidants in them why maitake mushrooms are known to reduce inflammation taking place within the body. Having chronic inflammation is the last thing you would want to have because it is associated with so many problems, from osteoarthritis, heart disease to diabetes.

They Help Regulate Blood Sugar

Speaking of diabetes, maitake mushrooms are good for people with diabetes or are at risk of developing it. That’s because maitake mushrooms supply the body with fiber that helps in regulating the release of sugar into the blood. And needless to say, the intake of fiber-rich maitake mushrooms can also help ward off constipation.

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