DIY Remedies for Blackheads

Blackheads are a common skin issue that affects all of us. Those blackheads tend to form when there is too much oil being produced by the skin and then gets mixed up with dead skin cells that clog the pores. When your pores are open, the oil and dead skin become oxidized hence the color black. Take note that blackheads aren’t caused by dirt so quit scrubbing your skin raw as it can only aggravate the problem plus it will dry your skin faster too.

A better solution would be to use these remedies to reduce the appearance of blackheads.

Egg white mask. One of the quickest and easiest solution to resolve your blackhead issue is to prepare an egg white mask. This mask can help tighten your pores and remove blackheads too so they won’t recur any time soon. What’s great about egg whites is that they are packed with nutrients that your skin will love and the best part is that they won’t cause your skin to dry too fast. To make this face mask you will need an egg, clean towel, small bowl, and some facial tissue paper. Crack the egg open and separate the yolk from the whites. Rinse your face afterwards then pat your face dry. You can then apply the egg white on your skin. You can apply the tissue paper on  your face before adding another layer of egg white and keep repeating until you do 3 to 5 layers. Allow the mask to tighten then peel off.

Toothpaste treatment. Another home remedy, and a surprising one at that, is to use toothpaste to remove blackheads. The toothpaste helps to open up your pores so you can remove any excess oil and dead skin that are blocking your pores. Combine it with salt and you will be able to get rid of any blackheads easily. Get a small bowl and add two tablespoons of toothpaste and a tablespoon of salt. Mix the two thoroughly until you make a paste and apply on the problem areas. Add a few drops of water then massage gently before you rinse. Don’t forget to moisturize afterwards to prevent your skin from drying.

Cinnamon and honey. This combination is a winner when it comes to getting rid of blackheads because one, honey has antibacterial properties that can prevent bacteria from forming in your open pores, and two, cinnamon can boost blood circulation to give your skin that healthy glow. For this blackhead remedy, you will need 1 part each of raw, organic honey, and cinnamon powder, and clean cotton strips. Combine the two ingredients until you have a good amount of paste to cover your blackheads. Apply a thin layer on the blackheads then place a strip of cotton over it. Let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes before you remove then rinse your face afterwards. Follow this treatment up with moisturizer.

Sweat them out. Another possible remedy to get rid of blackheads is to work up a sweat as this will help soften any blockage on your pores. However, just make sure that you wash your face prior to applying any products on your face to prevent clogging your pores. First, you need to wash your face first before working up a sweat. You can workout or go to a sauna to make your body flush any toxins and buildup in your pores. Rinse your face afterwards and pat your skin dry. Moisturize your skin afterwards. 

These tricks are guaranteed to help remove any blackheads that are cropping up on your skin. You can use these remedies at least three times a month to prevent drying. Don’t forget to moisturize all the time.



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