Dieting or Exercising: Which is Better for Weight Loss?


It’s common knowledge that dieting or working out alone won’t give you the figure of your wildest dreams. Time and again, fitness experts remind us that we need to eat healthily and exercise regularly in order to eliminate excess pounds and maintain an ideal weight.

But are you wondering if it’s eating properly or exercising regularly that contributes more to weight loss?

Well, this article will keep you from wondering further as it will tell you which one of the two is better for slimming down, so don’t stop reading now.

Got family members and friends who are having a hard time dieting and exercising at the same time due to their very busy schedules? Then make sure that you repost this article later on so that they, too, may know which between healthy eating and regular exercising they should focus on more for weight loss.

One is Easier Than the Other

Which one do you feel requires more of your precious time and energy: steering clear of a slice of chocolate cake or trying to burn the amount of calories in it at the gym for several hours?

The answer is clear — it is easier to dodge excess calories than get rid of them later on.

It’s not really that simple for you to say no to some of your favorite treats that are associated with unnecessary weight gain, but at the end of the day refraining from sabotaging your diet is more trouble-free than stepping foot inside the gym and trying to burn off those hundreds of unnecessary calories for a few hours.

Studies Show That Dieting Counts More

If truth be told, individuals who changed only their diet tend to lose weight so much better than those who simply increased the amount of exercise they get.

There are actually numerous studies conducted in the past that agree.

For instance, a report in the journal called Systematic Reviews found that participants who modified their diet but stuck to their regular exercise regimen enjoyed better weight loss than participants who increased the frequency of their exercise but adhered to their unhealthy diet.

In addition, another scientific investigation that appeared in the journal referred to as PeerJ discovered that those who attempted to simply increase their physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day without modifying their eating habits were at higher risk of gaining excess pounds.

Working Out Used as an Excuse

Experts believe that exercising can increase one’s risk of gaining weight as it is commonly being used as a way to cheat when it comes to the diet. For many people, hitting the gym means they have the opportunity to eat whatever they wish to eat as their cardio and weight training routines can make those excess calories go away.

Sadly, fitness experts confirm that it doesn’t work that way.

Having a gym subscription is not an excuse for you to have an unhealthy diet. Aside from the fact that it won’t lead to weight loss since you are simply replacing all of the calories you have burned at the gym, you are actually increasing your risk of eating more than you should — fatigue brought about by working out can leave you pigging out especially if healthy eating is not your priority.

Needless to say, failure to pair a regular exercise regimen with wholesome eating can render your gym subscription and all the hard work pretty much useless.

Both of Them are Important

If you want to attain weight loss and keep the results intact, fitness experts highly recommend for you to change your diet for the better and at the same time get your regular dose of exercise.

Clearly, you have to stick to healthy eating and keep your gym subscription — and make the most of it!

Having a slimmer figure for the rest of your life is only possible if you will monitor your eating habits and also adhere to a physically active lifestyle.