Parts of Your Body That You Should Stop Cleaning Very Often

Nothing can make you feel nice and confident more than knowing you’re squeaky clean. But did you know that doctors say that some of your body parts need not be spotless? So if you’re a clean freak, it’s a good idea for you to quit obsessing about keeping some parts of your body completely clean of impurities.

Here are some of your body parts that should not be touched by the q-tip, toilet paper, shampoo and soap always:


Do you clean your ears with a q-tip after having a shower or bath? Do you insert that q-tip inside your ear canal to make sure that it’s free of earwax? According to medical professionals, you should quit these habits ASAP!

Your earwax is not really some form of dirt — it’s actually produced by your ear canal in order to protect the eardrums, which is one of the most important structures in your ears. So in other words, getting rid of earwax leaves your eardrums vulnerable to getting injured.

What you need to do instead is to wait for earwax to reach the outside of the ear and then wipe it off. And by the way, it’s not a good idea to insert a q-tip into your ear canal!


Whether someone’s looking or not, it’s not really a good idea for you to pick your nose. This is especially true if you have long nails and dirty fingers. Experts say that digging for gold can cause tiny scratches inside your nose, and those scratches can easily become infected when bacteria find their way to them.

The only time that you should regularly devote time to cleaning your nose is when you are suffering from an infection of the upper respiratory tract, such as the common cold or flu.

And when you cannot resist the urge to pick your nose at any given time or day, see to it that your nails are properly clipped and your fingers are clean. Or you may simply use a piece of tissue paper or a q-tip for the job — you can enjoy having clean nostrils without the risks.


If you love to take shower every single day, that’s perfectly fine. However, refrain from shampooing your hair each time that you wash your body. Otherwise, you are risking harming your scalp and even your tresses!

Your scalp naturally produces oil in order to save itself from being dry, which is something that can easily lead to scalp itching, dandruff and even hair fall. Oil manufactured by your scalp is also for keeping your hair strands hydrated and shiny. So if you eliminate that protective oil by shampooing every day, your scalp and mane are put in danger.

According to hair experts, it’s a good idea for you to wash your hair every other day or so only. And also, you should use shampoo that’s mild, saving your scalp and locks from ending up excessively dry.


These days, it’s apparent that detox teas and juices are all the rage among health- and figure-conscious people. While it may sound like that having a clean gut is good, the fact is it’s something that can cause more harm than good.

When you undergo detoxification of your gut, it’s not just accumulated toxins and by-products of digestion that you are flushing out of your body, but also those beneficial bacteria in your gut. We all know that those friendly microbes are the ones that keep in check the population of bad gut bacteria.

If you want to keep your colon clean, medical professionals say that all you have to do is drink plenty of water and consume high-fiber foods. Don’t forget the importance of eating probiotics food, too.

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