Summer Detoxifying Foods to Try

The summer season is finally here, which means that it is time to hit the beach and stripping down to our swimwear to get that much-awaited tan. Although some of us don’t have any difficulty showing off their well-toned physique, most of us have indulged a bit too much over the holidays, and still haven’t lost those extra pounds that we have gained. Not only that, but it may be that you are feeling sluggish with all the oily foods that you ate over the past few months. Is there any way for you to get your digestive system up and running properly?

The good news is that you can actually start detoxing your body easily during the summer, with the help of fresh produce during this season. Here are a few that you can make use of.


This is one of the best summer fruits that you can take to help you detoxify your body easily. Packed with water to help you with your hydration, you’ll also get plenty of vitamins and antioxidants here that can remove the toxins from your system. Just slice it up into bite sized pieces, store it in your fridge, and have it for snack.


Another summer fruit that can help with the detox process is avocado. Packed with omega 3 fatty acids as well as protein, this is good for salads. What’s more, this fruit has glutathione which can help inhibit the formation of carcinogens in your body. Not only that, but eating this fruit can also get rid of any toxins that are causing your digestive system to slow down.

Green smoothies

Those who are trying to stay healthy often make use of green smoothies to get the nutrients that they need for the day. Some replace their meal with a smoothie that is made from a host of green, leafy vegetables, fruits, and whey protein to help fill their belly up without adding too many calories or greasy contents in the stomach. You can use kale or spinach as the base of your smoothie then add fruits like papaya to load up on important minerals that can help with the detoxification process.


Adding lemons to your summer detox program is a great idea as this fruit has an alkalizing effect on your body, which means that it can help restore the pH levels in your body. Another reason why you should use lemons is that they can boost bile production in the liver which is necessary if you wish to reduce your uric acid levels. And when your kidneys are functioning better, the easier it is for your body to flush out all the toxins in your system.

Mint leaves

Mint is a nice addition to your summer drink, as it has a cooling effect on your body. Not only that, it also helps improve your digestive system too. Consuming mint leaves can support better bile production that will then be transferred to your gall bladder all the way to your small intestine where it can easily break down the foods that you have eaten.


This summer fruit is low in calorie content which makes it the perfect snack for those who wish to lose weight this season. Even when you consume a cup of raspberries, you will not need to worry about weight gain or high sugar levels because this fruit is safe to eat.

We all need to detox every once in a while to help our body to release the toxins that have accumulated on our system. With these summer fruits, improving your overall health is going to be pretty easy.

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