How to Make Frankincense Water (And Reasons to Drink It, Too!)

Frankincense resin is commonly burned for various religious and healing purposes throughout the ages. Did you know that it’s also something that can be used to come up with water offering amazing health benefits?

Actually, frankincense resin is obtained from a tree called boswellia sacra, which is native to the Arabian peninsula as well as many parts of Africa. These days, frankincense resin can be easily obtained from health food stores.

For many years now, people in the Middle East have been drinking frankincense water. Today’s scientists say that it could be the reason why there are very few cancer cases in the said region of the planet.

So how do you make frankincense water? Very simple: all you have to do is place 4 to 5 small pieces of frankincense resin in water and leave them there overnight. The following day, you may start consuming the water.

Just because frankincense water is said to come with all sorts of impressive health benefits doesn’t mean you should drink tons of it. Per day, it is recommended for you to drink only a few ounces of frankincense water.

Here are some of the perks that are associated with the consumption of this beneficial water:

It Frees the Joints of Pain and Swelling

Proponents say that frankincense water possesses both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and that’s why its regular consumption can be helpful for those who are suffering from osteoarthritis and have to put up with stiff, achy and swollen joints on an everyday basis.

It Promotes Top-Notch Digestion

Middle Easterners regularly take frankincense water in order to promote better digestion. There are also a handful of GI tract problems that the healthy beverage is said to be very good for. In fact, frankincense water is commonly employed as a home remedy for excess gas (flatulence) and stomach ulcers in the Middle East.

It Helps Make the Immune System Strong

Since frankincense water is known to help encourage superb digestion, it promotes a stronger immune system. After all, experts say that a huge chunk of your immunity is actually situated in your gut! Also helping to keep your body more protected against invading microbes is the fact that frankincense water has antimicrobial properties.

It Flushes Out Impurities and Toxins

Based on studies, frankincense water is a mild diuretic, which means that it gently increases the amount of urine expelled. As a result, more of the waste products and poisonous substances in the bloodstream are eliminated. In other words, consuming frankincense water on a regular basis helps detoxify the body.

It Keeps the Skin Tight, Smooth and Healthy

Frankincense water is perhaps one of the cheapest and most effective anti-aging solutions on the face of the planet. With superb anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, its regular consumption can help delay skin aging. By the way, frankincense water may also be used topically!

It Helps Relieves Problems with the Upper Airways

Got a nasty sore throat? Simply drink very small amounts of frankincense water throughout the day to attain relief from the symptoms. For so many years now in the Middle East and Africa, the said beverage is employed for putting an end to bouts of cough, asthma and even acute bronchitis.

It Lowers One’s Risk of Cancer

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, scientists believed that the intake of frankincense water is the reason behind why there are considerably fewer cancer cases in the Middle East. This is what a study revealed: certain compounds present in frankincense resin prompted those deadly and fast-spreading cancer cells to kill themselves!

Can’t get your hands on frankincense resin? Experts say that you can also come up with frankincense water by adding a drop or two of frankincense essential oil in water.




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