Healthy PicksSurprising Benefits of Red Thyme Essential Oil

Surprising Benefits of Red Thyme Essential Oil

Belonging to the mint family of plants, red thyme is one of those herbs that are used for various medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Naturally, the volatile oil extracted from it has the ability to provide a number of health benefits.

One of the nicest things about red thyme essential oil is it has a warm and fresh herbal scent that is always pleasing to the nose. It blends very well with other essential oils such as chamomile, juniper, cedar, eucalyptus lemon and rosemary. Because it’s so versatile, you can always count on it when making your very own essential oil blends.

There are a couple of ways of using red thyme essential oil for various medicinal or therapeutic purposes. One of them is by mixing it with your chosen carrier oil, making it ideal for skin application or massaging. The other one is by means of inhalation, and such can be done with the use of a diffuser or addition to hot water for steam production.

Now that you are acquainted with red thyme essential oil, it’s now time for us to know about some of the most surprising benefits it is known to offer. Continue reading!

Stress and Anxiety Management

Being stressed and feeling anxious most of your waking hours can have negative effects on your body, and some of them include fatigue and a weakened immune system. You can also easily suffer from insomnia, which is something that can bring about additional health issues! Luckily, red thyme essential oil is one of those oils that you may take a whiff of or use for massages in order to lower your stress and anxiety levels.

Joint Pain Relief

Massaging diluted red thyme oil on achy, stiff and swollen joints can help provide relief, saving you from the need to take painkilling drugs that are known to cause some serious side effects and carry certain risks. Red thyme oil has the ability to reduce both pain and inflammation, allowing you to attain much-needed relief from problematic joints naturally. The volatile oil is also very good for dealing with hurting muscles.

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Skin Disinfection

Red thyme essential oil, just like most other volatile oils out there, possesses antimicrobial properties. It’s exactly due to this reason why you may employ it for cleansing minor wounds and small cuts. Actually, you may rely on red thyme essential oil in dealing with pimples and acne. However, just see to it that you dilute it very well with coconut oil, almond oil or any other carrier oil of your liking before using it topically.

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Common Cold Alleviation

You may also count on red thyme essential oil each time you are suffering from congested upper airways because of the common cold. What you can do to attain immediate relief is add a few drops of red thyme essential oil to a small basin of hot water. Place your face a few inches above the basin, drape a large towel over your head, and start inhaling deeply. Repeat this red thyme essential oil remedy up to twice a day for best results.

CAUTION: Applying pure red thyme essential oil on your skin is not a good idea because it may cause skin irritation. The best way to do it is by first having it diluted with your preferred carrier oil. In addition, it is recommended that you employ red thyme essential oil under the supervision of an aromatherapy or herb expert. Avoid using red thyme oil if you are pregnant. If you have a known medical condition, tell your doctor about your plan on using it.

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