Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Offers Various Perks

Most essential oils out there that are known to help lift the mood and reduce stress feature citrusy aromas. One of them is what’s known as litsea cubeba essential oil. This article will let you know some of the most essential matters you need to know about it, such as the plant from which it comes and the many benefits it has to offer.

Litsea cubeba is obtained from the pepper-like berries of a plant having the same name. Sometimes also referred to as mountain spice tree, mountain pepper, tropical verbena and exotic verbena, it is native to Indonesia, Japan and most especially China. It’s for this reason why many also know it as Chinese pepper.

Various parts of the litsea cubeba plant can actually be used for medicinal purposes. For instance, its flowers are usually dried and steeped in hot water to produce tea that is known to offer a number of perks. In producing litsea cubeba essential oil, the only parts used are the dried pepper-like fruits that the plant bears.

Even though it is obtained from berries that look like peppers, litsea cubeba essential oil actually has a very enjoyable smell, which is something that closely resembles lemon. It’s exactly for this reason why it is commonly employed for dealing with problems concerning the mood, although it also commonly used for disinfecting purposes.

Let’s now take a look at some of the health benefits that this essential oil is known to offer:

It Reduces Stress

Thanks to the lemony fragrance of litsea cubeba essential oil, you may count on it each time you want to have your stress reduced. All you have to do is fill your room with its fragrance with the help of a diffuser. If you are into self-massages, you may add it to your favorite massage oil, or easily whip up one by diluting litsea cubeba essential oil with the carrier oil of your choice, such as almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

It Lowers Anxiety

You may also use litsea cubeba essential oil each time you are being overpowered by your anxious thoughts. The quickest way to calm your mind and also ease the physical symptoms of anxiety is by taking a whiff of it — you can place it on your wrist, handkerchief or a piece of tissue paper. If your anxiety is keeping you from having a good night’s sleep, then you may place a couple of drops of this essential oil on your pillow.

It Fights Off Infections

Litsea cubeba may be applied topically in order to deal with skin infections. Once diluted with your choice of carrier oil, it may help in keeping minor wounds and burns from becoming infected. Diluted litsea cubeba essential oil is also an excellent home remedy for fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm. By the way, you may also employ this volatile oil for relieving respiratory infection symptoms by adding it to hot water and inhaling the steam.

It Makes You Beautiful

Because it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, litsea cubeba essential oil also serves as a beautifying agent. Once diluted, you may use it for warding off and controlling pimples and acne. A lot of women swear by its ability to shrink large pores, control oily skin and reduce excessive sweating, thanks to its astringent abilities. Add a little litsea cubeba essential oil to your favorite shampoo if you are suffering from dandruff.

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