6 Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple in many kitchens all over the world as it is one of the healthiest oils that you can use for cooking and baking. If you’ve come across the Mediterranean Diet, you know that this oil is the main ingredient of all its recipes. But what exactly are the benefits that you can get out of olive oil? Well, we have rounded up several known benefits of this oil so you will know what you are in for when you add this to your diet. Here are a few known benefits that you should take note of.

Good for heart health

The first benefit that you can get from olive oil is that it is actually good for your heart’s health. You see, olive contains nutrients that help support your brain and heart function. This oil is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids that are known to promote blood flow which is important as it delivers nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Those who consume olive oil have been found to reduce their risk from cardiovascular problems.

Enhances skin health

Another benefit to taking olive oil is that it is actually good for your skin’s health. You see, going natural when it comes to your skin does offer plenty of benefits and since olive oil is all natural, you will find that it is actually good for your skin. For one thing, olive oil contains high amounts of vitamin E which can fight off any inflammation happening in your skin. Massaging this oil on your skin can help moisture it better than any lotion that you are using.

Banishes stretch marks

What else can you get out of olive oil? Well, it has been found to be useful when it comes to removing stretch marks on the skin. If you are pregnant, your body is going to undergo changes which means that your skin will be stretched. This can cause tearing on your skin which can appear as white lines crisscrossing your belly. Applying olive oil as your stomach expands can help minimize the appearance of stretch marks as it nourishes the skin and speeds up the healing process.

Removes makeup

You don’t need any fancy makeup wipes to remove your makeup because olive oil can do the job better. You can apply a small amount of it on a cotton pad then wipe your face with it. Not only will this remove makeup but it can also moisturize and nourish your skin at the same time.

Protection from sun

Another benefit that you can get from olive oil is that you can use it instead of your regular sunscreen. You see, olive oil has higher SPF compared to what is being sold today which is why you should use it before heading to the beach. Aside from giving you protection, it is also keeping your skin moist so there is less risk of drying.

Prevents aging

Olive oil can help protect your skin from early signs of aging. With regular use, you will find that your skin is less prone to wrinkles, lines, and even dark circles because your skin is getting healthy nutrients all the time.

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