List of Antioxidant Herbs You Must Know

The term antioxidant is being bandied about in many wellness circles lately that it is impossible not to see any diet that doesn’t have foods that contain this ingredient. Why do you even need antioxidants in the first place? Well, it appears that antioxidants have the ability to prevent or at least slow down cell damage. Oxidants are free radicals that are being produced by our bodies to fight off any viruses or bacteria. Unfortunately, they can also appear because of the smoke, pollution, and other environmental factors that can cause a build-up of it in our system. This can lead to weaker immunity, accelerated aging, and even cellular damage.

Fortunately, there are plenty of antioxidant sources that you can use nowadays from foods, to spices, to herbs. Herbs can be used in many dishes and beverages and should be included in your diet. If you want to get more antioxidants in your body, these herbs are worth trying out.


This herb is rich in antioxidant content which you can mix into your dishes fresh or dried or even add to your drinks if you like. Adding this herb to your diet can protect you against various health issues by boosting your immune system. It is perfect for combating bacterial infections, parasites, inflammation, fungal infections, viruses, allergies, candida, and even tumors.


Another herb that you can add to your diet to have more antioxidants in your system is parsley. This herb can actually be considered as a superfood because of the amount of benefits that you can get from it from antioxidants, nutrients, as well as essential oils. You can use it as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory agent, detox remedy, or even an antiseptic if you like. There are many studies proving that parsley has indeed plenty of health benefits to offer which you should take advantage of.


We all know that basil is often added to many dishes because of its flavor but there is more to this herb than just giving your dish an extra kick to it. As a matter of fact, basil is one of the most used herbs with regards to medical use. Using basil in your diet can help you get a decent amount of antioxidants and other nutrients in your system that can help reduce inflammation, fever, and pain. It fights off cancer and stress too. It protects your liver and blood vessels which is why it is among the list of superfoods to try out.


Don’t forget to include thyme in your list of herbs that are high in antioxidants because you can get a pretty decent amount from it. This herb is well-known for its ability to support your respiratory and immune systems including digestive and other body systems. It can fight off sore throats, protect you against food poisoning, and even reduce your cholesterol as well as blood pressure. The antioxidants that it contains can help improve your overall health too.

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