Tips on How to Stop Your Kids from becoming a Mobile Addict

Kids nowadays are glued to their parent’s mobile phones or tablets whenever they can. Some parents think that using this device can help them distract their kids as they go do their tasks. Although it does keep them entertained, there are dangerous side effects that are linked to constant use of these devices. If your child seems to be spending more time with their tablets or your smartphone, and are becoming cranky and irritable when you put it away, your child is already an addict. With that being said, here are a few tips that can help you treat your child’s addiction.

Be more active

Instead of letting your child play with your smartphone, a better option would be to come up with fun activities that the two of you can do. For example, you can do 10 hops every half an hour, go running in the garden, or do jump ropes, anything that will keep them active, sweating, and having fun. Even if you are letting your child use their gadget, you are breaking their use of it so they are moving.

Minimize alone time

If your child spends most of his or her time in her bedroom, alone, and glued to their computer, tablet, or phone, it might be a good idea to move their gadgets where there is plenty of foot traffic, such as in the living room. This way, you will be able to keep an eye on their use of these gadgets, plus you can tell them to go and take a break or at least come up with activities that will make them forget their gadgets even for a little while.

Have a gadget free time

Another way to wean your child from their use of these electronic devices is to actually have a gadget free time. Yes, you read that right, even you have to take a time off with your use of your favorite devices. Have a day when no one will be using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops even. Play board games, go hiking, or run errands. Not only will this make your time more precious because you are bonding with one another but you are also taking your kids away from their addictive games on their devices.

Password protect

If your child is being stubborn with their use of their gadgets, try adding a password to them. This will be met with resistance for sure, but it is for their own good and yours too. You might be surprised to find that you are racking up huge bills because of the games and add-ons that they have been downloading in their devices under your name. 

These are just a few tips that you can start with when it comes to weaning your child from their use of gadgets. Although these devices are not harmful, when used in excess, they can be.

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