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Tips and Tricks to Making Yourself Burp

So you feel bloated because of excess gas trapped in your stomach? There’s only one thing that can help put an end to your uncomfortable problem, and that is by forcing yourself to burp. Once you have successfully performed such, you will obtain instant relief — like the nightmare never existed at all!

There are some people who can make themselves to burp on command, which is a talent that can come in handy after every meal or whenever they just want to elicit a laugh. Others, on the other hand, are not so unfortunate — they have to go through hell for a while before gas in their bellies decides to come out in the open.

If you’re one of those people who are incapable of burping effortlessly, then continue reading. Below you will find some surefire tips and tricks on how to get rid of excess gas in your stomach at once. Knowing them by heart can save you from being in distress especially after having a meal.

Changing Positions

Something as simple as changing your position is sometimes enough to force yourself to burp. If you are sitting down, try standing up. If you are on your feet, switch to a seated position. Going for a different position puts pressure on your stomach, and this can cause gas in it to be ejected out of your mouth.

Performing Light Exercise

Being still is a no-no if you are trying to get rid of trapped gas in your stomach. What you need to do instead is perform any physical activity like walking, climbing the stairs or even riding a bicycle. However, refrain from doing a vigorous activity most especially right after having your meal.

Drinking Soda

It may sound counterproductive, but glugging down a little soda or any other fizzy beverage of your liking can actually help drive out unwanted gas in the stomach. Increasing the amount of gas in it causes the buildup of more pressure, leaving your stomach with no other choice but to push gas out of your body.

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Swallowing More Air

Worry not if you’re not really a fan of carbonated drinks because you can simply force yourself to swallow more air just to attain relief from having lots of gas trapped in your stomach. There are many ways to do this, but you can try pinching your nose, sucking air into your mouth, and then swallowing.

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Taking Slow Deep Breaths

Everyone knows that doing slow deep breaths is a great way to relax when feeling anxious or stressed. Did you know that this breathing technique can also be utilized if you want to force yourself to burp? The repeated full expansion and emptying of the lungs can help in forcing trapped gas out of your stomach.

Massaging Your Belly

Last but not least, you may give your tummy area a good massaging or rubbing to drive out air in the stomach. This simple technique works very well for babies, and it will surely work on you. Experiment with many different massaging or rubbing actions until you come across one that works very well.

Remember to share these tips and tricks on forcing a burp on social media to help make the world bloat-free!

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