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Habits That Can Cause Your Feet to Smell Bad

You may be sporting the trendiest pair of footwear that can make everyone in the room look towards your direction. That stardom, however, amounts to nothing if the entire room gets filled with the terrible smell of your feet the moment you take of those fashionable shoes!

It’s perfectly normal for a human being to have smelly feet from time to time. Heat, moisture and bacteria work together and leave your feet giving off an unpleasant odor. Especially if your personal hygiene is something that you can’t be proud of, you can definitely expect for your feet to easily smell.

Doctors say that hormonal changes in the body can also make your feet reek rather quite easily. And this is the reason why teens and women who are in the family way are susceptible to having bad smelling feet. Stress and an infection of the feet such as athlete’s foot are also common culprits.

Are you aware that certain habits of yours can be making the smell of your feet a gut-wrenching one? If you want to keep your face from turning red and everybody else around from turning away when you remove your shoes, read on. The following are some habits that you should ditch:

Putting on the Same Pair of Shoes Daily

Do you love putting on a particular pair of shoes every single day because it’s so comfy or it looks phenomenal, or both? Then don’t be surprised why your feet tend to smell horribly. On a daily basis, your favorite shoes soak up all the sweat your feet are producing, providing those odor-causing bacteria a really nice environment.

Owning different pair of shoes and alternating them is a wonderful idea if you want to keep your feet from being the cause of other people’s hellish nightmares.

Failure to Let Your Shoes Breathe

It’s not enough that you skip wearing the same pair of shoes on a daily basis — you should also give it the chance to be able to “breathe”. See to it that you stash your shoes in an area that’s cool and dry, which means that it’s properly ventilated. Certainly, keeping your shoes in a dark and dank area is a terrible, terrible idea.

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While allowing your shoes to get dry and aerated, you may also stash in them old socks that are packed with baking soda or bits of charcoal to help in eliminating any lingering bad odor.

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Having Poor Hygiene Practices

Certainly, it can be very easy for your feet to reek if you are not taking regular showers or bath. All the dirt and grime can collect on your feet, making it so easy for them to become moist which those odor-causing bacteria love. If you cannot wash your entire body, then spend some time cleaning your feet before putting on shoes.

Also, do make sure that you thoroughly dry your feet before wearing a pair of shoes. Again, this is to keep at bay bacteria that love to multiply uncontrollably in places that are warm and moist.

Skipping Wearing a Pair of Cotton Socks

It’s also a good idea to put on a pair of socks if your feet are prone to smelling horrible. Doing so helps increase ventilation to your feet, thus saving them from overheating. Also, those socks help wick sweat away from your skin before those bacteria that make your feet smell get the opportunity to proliferate.

But don’t just wear any pair of socks — opt for cotton ones. Also, make sure that they are clean each time. If they look dingy and smell unpleasant, throw them in the laundry bin and grab a clean pair to wear.

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