Fitness Gym Wear, the Guide

Gym Wear, the Guide

If you didn’t grow up in a household that was full of fitness buffs, then perhaps college was the start of you working out at a fitness institution.

Colleges and universities often include your gym payments with your miscellaneous fees. For this reason, you ought to make the most out of this and stay fit while in school.

But as you may already know, training with gym dwellers who are veterans might intimidate you when you first start out.

Start by looking the part. Go through this guide. Know the do’s and don’ts of gym wear. Then worry about the rest later.

  • When it comes to picking out your clothes for working out, buy the real thing.
    Gym outfits that are durable, can absorb and draw off sweat and moisture quickly, or made for the weather in your area, can help you more than you might know. They can keep you comfy and dry. But beware. Not all gym outfits are on the same level. Some are better than others. Know what you’re choosing. Be sure it’s worth every penny.
  • Stay away from shirts made of cotton. You may want to put on those folded cotton shirts in your cabinet. But don’t. Cotton shirts are far from the best choice for working out, especially if you plan to burn a lot of calories. Sweating comes with the task at hand. Because it takes in water easily, your outfit will turn heavier and stickier than it was meant to be way before you finish training. It can also irritate your skin. Loose clothes as well are not safe to use because there’s chance they can get stuck in the equipment.
  • You should take your outfit on a dry run before using it in the gym. Imagine finding a great outfit at a department store. You try it on in the fitting room and you look awesome. If you look awesome, then it has to be good enough when you do those military presses and squat thrusts right? Wrong. Try doing the movements at home, or in your room. Be sure they don’t fall off or ride up to an embarrassing or awkward height before you do those awkward poses in the gym.
  • Take off your accessories. No jewelry. No watches. No rings. A lot of people have something important they always wear, from keepsakes, to necklaces, to bracelets, to rings. But did you know that if rings or watches hit metal weights, those precious items can get deformed? If a necklace or bracelet gets caught in a machine or around the metal weights, bad things can happen? If jewelry is wet, say by perspiration, it turns dark and dirty? Take them off.
  • Think of what you’ll be doing. Choose your outfit on the basis of your routines. Some workouts require more flexibility than others. For yoga class, use yoga pants. Baggy shorts or jogging pants are good for an intense cardiovascular routine with a bit of plyometrics.
  • Wear your clothes once, then include them with the laundry. Honestly, in the university, we did our laundry a lot less often that we should. We’re constantly tempted to wear our clothes again without putting them in a washing machine first. This might be okay if the clothes aren’t workout clothes. Gym outfits have absorbed the most of your DNA among all your clothes. Clean them.
  • Pick out the right footwear. The way you perform relies heavily on your legs. And your legs need the support from your shoes. This is why choosing the right footwear is crucial. Shoes you lace on when you run shouldn’t be the same shoes you put on when you cross-train because shoes used to run aren’t supporting movements laterally. The wrong pair of socks can also be a cause for concern since they may rub at your feet and cause sores, scrape of skin and cause blisters.
  • Always remember to change into your gym outfit. You’ve seen dudes in jeans doing some lifts, and girls on the treadmill wearing the wrong kind of bra. It’s pretty obvious they have no idea what they’re doing. It’s never a good idea to wear the outfits your wear daily when you work out. They’re not durable. They’re not flexible. They can be torn easily. If you wear the wrong shoes, you can even injure yourself.
  • Never take off your clothes. This is a given. Having said that, there’s always that one person who takes off his or her clothes when he or she starts to feel hot. I hope that won’t be you. The gym isn’t the place for parading your unclothed physique for all to bear witness. Also, without a shirt on to protect you, there are more chances germs can get to you.
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