Is It Bad If You’re Double Jointed?

Being double jointed can definitely make you a star. But are you harming your body each time people are gathered around you to watch you twist your fingers into bizarre forms? Then this article is made especially for you. Keep on reading to understand more about your unusual ability and get to know once and for all if you should quit showing it off at parties or keep on flaunting it to your heart’s content.

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There’s Actually a Medical Term for It

Everyone refers to it as being double jointed. However, doctors call it joint hypermobility. In some instances, joint hypermobility is completely harmless, which means that people who are double jointed and are not encountering any problem that can be associated with it may show off their extreme bendiness at any given time or day.

If it looks like contorting the fingers is painful, it’s because it is actually painful for some people who are double jointed. You will rarely see them exhibiting their superpowers because in return for being popular for a few minutes is pain.

Joint Hypermobility Comes in Three Types

Not all double jointed people are the same. Some of them can have normal everyday lives, while others may have to face some pain or discomfort each time they bend their joints further than usual whether accidentally or while showing off.

But then there are also double jointed people who have to undergo intensive assessments and treatments as their joint hypermobility may due to an underlying medical condition.

Let’s get to know the three types of joint hypermobility:

Asymptomatic joint hypermobility

Asymptomatic means no symptom is being produced. So in other words, asymptomatic joint hypermobility is double jointedness that doesn’t cause any problem.

Hypermobility spectrum disorders

HSD for short, this is the kind of double jointedness that is believed to run in families. Just like what the name says, it is a kind of disorder that is characterized by joints that are very flexible.

Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Aside from the joints, a double jointed individual who falls under this category also exhibits stretchable skin. Other connective tissues of the body may be affected as well, and such is the reason why many seemingly unrelated medical problems are encountered.

Asymptomatic is the Most Common of Them All

Health authorities confirm that majority of individuals who are double jointed have asymptomatic joint hypermobility. This only means that they are not feeling any pain or discomfort each time they are bending their fingers or other parts of their bodies.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for others with super flexible joints. Some of them may have no problem today, but in the future they may encounter some. According to doctors, it’s not uncommon for these people to have joint-related issues in the long run.

Developing Arthritis in the Future is a Possibility

Just because you are not having any issues with your being double jointed now doesn’t mean it will remain like that for the rest of your life. Experts say that a lot of those who are double jointed develop arthritis after several years have passed.

It is said that such is brought about by the tendons and cartilages in the joints being stretched so far as brought about by years and years of showcasing their amazing party skills. And because the joints have seen more pressure or stress than they normally would, they’re experiencing some form of degeneration which commonly brings pain with it.

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