Get to Know Why Millennials are Always Tired

Were you born between 1981 and 1996? Then consider yourself as a bonafide millennial.

Millennials are known to be tech-savvy, team-playing and achievement-centered individuals, although at times they are also known to be job-hopping and attention-craving (it’s most likely due to their desire to seek guidance and feedback) people.

If you’re a millennial yourself, chances are you already know that millennials are sometimes referred to as the “tired generation”.

You may not just know it – you may actually be experiencing it!

So if you are a millennial and you’re well-aware of the fact that millennials are known to be perpetually tired, keep on reading – below you will come across some of the reasons for it.

Taking Advantage of Technology All the Time

It cannot be denied that the internet, smartphones, tablets and laptops are all amazing modern-day inventions. It’s because of their presence why searching for information, staying in touch with family members and friends (and even complete strangers), earning money in the comfort of one’s home and keeping boredom at bay can be trouble-free.

However, there is a downside to this most especially if technology is employed all the time, and that’s the sheer tiredness that so many millennials are complaining about.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why being really, really tech-savvy is draining the energy out of a millennial’s body and mind:

  1. Blue light emitted by any device with a display panel can disrupt sleep, and this is why health authorities are strongly advising millennials and everyone else against using their gadgets in bed – being sleep deprived can lead to all sorts of complications, and unrelenting fatigue mentally and physically is just one of those.
  2. Bad news often comes straight from social media. Needless to say, constantly checking out your social media feed can contribute to the stress that you may already be experiencing due to a hectic everyday schedule. You can also blame social media for the fact that millions of people (including millennials, of course) all over the planet are currently battling anxiety and depression.

Coping Poorly With Having a Stressful Life

So many millennials are leading extremely stressful lives, and it can be attributed to a few things. Some of the most common reasons for such are:

  1. Hopping from one job to the next until the one that pays best comes around
  2. Working long hours to try to impress everyone around them
  3. Facing all kinds of issues that have something to do with politics, religion and others
  4. And – as discussed above – social media

Being stressed once in a while is completely normal. However, being stressed all the time is a completely different story!

Health authorities agree that it’s of utmost importance for a person, millennial or otherwise, to deal with high levels of stress. Such is imperative for fending off the many physical and mental health dangers associated with it. Sadly, a lot of millennials are not managing their stress accordingly.

Cigarettes smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, gambling, the use of illegal drugs or controlled substances – all of these are unhealthy ways to cope with stress, and a lot of millennials and many others are guilty of doing them.

The trouble with unhealthy stress coping mechanisms is that they can actually aggravate one’s stress levels in the long run, and it’s by means of an assortment of serious issues or problems such as lung cancer, heart disease, getting fired, cutting ties with loves ones and winding up in jail.

The Takeaway

Dealing with tiredness associated with being a millennial is similar to managing tiredness caused by anything else. If you are a millennial yourself and you have a firsthand experience with constant tiredness linked to millennials, you may give the following strategies a try:

  1. Keep your use of devices to a minimum. Most especially at night, it’s a good idea for a millennial like you to considerably lay low on your use of a smartphone, tablet or laptop especially at bedtime.
  2. Engage in stress relieving activities. It’s not easy being a millennial in this day and age, and that is why most of you millennials are constantly stressed. The good news is that there are so many stress-relieving activities that a millennial like you may partake in to relax your mind and body, too.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep. Reducing your gadget use at night and eliminating excess stress – both of these can help you to enjoy 7 to 9 hours of high-quality and uninterrupted sleep.
  4. Exercise on a regular basis. Too much stress is bad for the mind and body especially in the long run. Some of the most serious health-related concerns that you should worry about include anxiety, depression, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Exercising for at least 20 minutes on most days of the week can help to fend off all kinds of problems associated with chronic stress.
  5. Quit smoking and drink alcohol moderately. Smoking is bad for the health in many different ways, so you should quit if you are a smoker. It’s perfectly fine for any millennial to party from time to time, but he or she should always remember to moderately consume alcoholic beverages.
  6. Go for healthy eating. Last but not least, it’s a good idea for millennials to carefully mind what they eat every mealtime. Definitely, they should have more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats, and also eliminate anything that’s packed with saturated fat, bad cholesterol, processed carbs and refined sugar.

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