Foods to Eat to Relieve Stress

We experience stress on a daily basis and although most of us can handle it pretty well, there are times when we’re just overwhelmed by it. And when this happens, we tend to reach out for our comfort food composed of ice cream, cake, chips, and even beer just to assuage that feeling of heaviness in our hearts. Although these foods can lift our spirits, they’re not doing our health any good plus they can only lift our mood for a few hours before we are swallowed by stress once more.

If you really want to beat back stress through food, it is important that you choose the right kinds of food to eat. To get you started, here are some of the best foods that can combat stress effectively.

  1. Avocados. Avocados are rich in glutathione, beta-carotene, lutein, and vitamin E all of which play a part in protecting your body against the effects of stress. You can add thin slices of this fruit on your sandwiches or salads if you like but make sure that you practice portion eating as it is also high in fat content.
  2. Kale chips. Another type of food that can combat stress is kale chips which you can make on your own with kale, salt, and olive oil. What’s great about kale is that it contains high amounts of the antioxidant carotenoid which, based on research, can elevate one’s mood. Also, the olive oil that you’re going to use to cook kale is packed with nutrients that can elevate your serotonin levels which can also combat stress.
  3. Cashews. Nuts are actually good for snacks and one of them that can help you deal with stress is cashews. Cashews have a healthy combination of protein and fat which make them a good addition to your weight loss. This nut contains high amounts of zinc which can combat depression and anxiety.
  4. Sweet potatoes. What better way to combat stress than eating some sweet potatoes? Not only are they delicious but they also contain plenty of nutrients such as fiber and carotenoids. The best part is that it is low in glycemic index which means that your sugar levels will remain balanced so you won’t experience any spikes in your blood sugar levels.
  5. Chamomile tea. If you want to go into a calm state of mind, drinking chamomile tea comes highly recommended. Drinking this tea at least thirty minutes before bedtime will help soothe your nerves and your mind so you can get rid of stress fast. There are also studies that show that chamomile tea also promotes sleep. Just make sure that you turn off any distractions like your gadget, TV, and even the lights if you like to get into a calm, meditative state.
  6. Wine. Another drink that is associated with stress reduction is wine. The alcohol present in wine is considered as a depressant which means that when you drink some wine, your central nervous system gets affected allowing you to reach a more relaxed state. Depending on the wine that you are going to drink, you can also get some healthy antioxidants that promote better heart health as well. Just make sure that you don’t drink more than a glass of wine per day.

These are just a few examples of foods that are found to provide relief from stress and even combat it as well. If you are feeling stressed out, choosing the foods mentioned above can help you overcome it easily and healthily for that matter. For sure, you will be sticking with these foods as opposed to your own unhealthy comfort food choices.

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