RemediesDeal With Dry Heaving Naturally

Deal With Dry Heaving Naturally

Simply put, dry heaving means you are attempting to throw up even when there is nothing to be ejected from your tummy by means of your mouth. However, it’s very much possible for dry heaving to lead to actual vomiting.

Many people find dry heaving so frustrating and exhausting. It’s not like vomiting in which there is the feeling of satisfaction that whatever it is that should not be in the body is successfully forced out. Dry heaving, as a result, can cause a bunch of other problems such as chest and throat pain.

There are many different reasons why dry heaving strikes. Some of them may require medical attention such as food poisoning, gastroparesis (impairment of the peristaltic movements of the stomach) and an obstruction in the GI tract such as a tumor. Sometimes dry heaving can be a side effect of medications, like those used in chemotherapy.

Numerous non-serious matters can also bring about dry heaving. Some of them include:

Brushing the teeth. This can cause dry heaving most especially while you are cleaning your tongue and your toothbrush accidentally triggers your gag reflex.

Pregnancy. Being in the family way can definitely cause dry heaving. This is most especially true during the very early stages of pregnancy.

Acid reflux. When stomach contents mixed with acidic digestive juices go up the esophagus, the sensation of dry heaving can be experienced.

Too much alcohol. Excessive alcohol intake can make a person nauseous and dizzy, thus sometimes resulting in dry heaving rather than actual vomiting.

Anxiety or stress. It’s not unlikely for individuals who are suffering from sever anxiety or in a great deal of stress to experience dry heaving.

Hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar in layman’s terms, hypoglycemia can make a person feel weak and queasy, and this is what causes dry heaving to strike.

All of these are some of the triggers of dry heaving. So what should you do when you are suffering in the clutches of dry heaving? See which ones of the following can give you immediate relief:

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Learn to relax. If it’s quite obvious that the cause of your dry heaving is anxiety or stress, consider calming yourself. Otherwise, your dry heaving can get more intense if you worry even more. Take slow, deep breaths or do some meditations. It’s also a great idea for you to slowly consume a relaxing herbal tea.

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Drink ginger tea. Speaking of herbal tea, a cup of freshly-brewed ginger can help put an end to your dry heaving. That’s because it’s a tried-and-tested remedy for nausea and queasiness. Consider taking little sips of ginger tea at a time in order to put an end to your dry heaving the soonest.

Take clear liquids. Even something as simple as drinking water can sometimes help put an end to dry heaving. You may place ice chips in your mouth, too. You may also have a glass of lime or lemon juice. Do steer clear of anything that’s carbonated as it can only make matters worse.

Have something sweet. As mentioned earlier, one of the causes of dry heaving is hypoglycemia. So in order to bring your sugar levels back to normal, consume something sweet such as a hard candy. This is also a superb solution if your dry heaving is caused by the presence of an unfavorable taste in your mouth.

Snack on some crackers. If you’re in the first few weeks of your pregnancy, dry heaving early in the day as part of your morning sickness can be quite normal. A lot of women in the family way swear by the effectiveness of having some crackers before they get off their beds in the morning.

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