Bell’s Palsy Causes and Remedies

Bell’s palsy is a neurologic condition that involves paralysis of the facial muscles secondary to facial nerve affectation. Due to inflammation, compression, and swelling of the nerve, one side of the face drops or becomes stiff, making it harder for the person to move that other half of the face and interact with others well. The following are the cause, signs and symptoms, and remedies for Bell’s palsy.


Bell’s palsy has various causes. According to NHS UK, one cause is the facial nerve. As per the publication, the disorder results when the facial nerve is swollen or compressed that it could interfere with the brain signals that are sent to the facial muscles. In this regard, blood and oxygen supply to the nerve cells lead to facial weakness or paralysis. As per the publication, certain types of herpes virus may cause facial nerve inflammation. Other infections that are associated with bell’s palsy include syphilis, cytomegalovirus, and the Epstein-Barr virus, which leads to glandular fever.

Signs and Symptoms

Bell’s palsy presents many symptoms. According to Medical News Today, these include sudden paralysis or weakness of one side of the face, difficulty or impossibility closing one of the eyelids, eye irritation because of dryness or inability to blink, changes in the amount of tear production, facial drooping, drooling from one side of the mouth and change in the amount of saliva production, difficulty with facial expressions, sense of taste alteration, hearing sensitivity, pain in front or behind the ear of the affected side, and headache.

Home Remedies

Treatment for bell’s palsy involves medications like corticosteroids to control inflammation;l however, remedies can also be done at home to manage the condition.

Olive Oil

One remedy for bell’s palsy is olive oil. According to Find Home Remedy, massaging the face regularly with olive oil prevents further damage to the skin of the face. As per the publication, the person uses his fingers to massage the lower part of his face. Then, he grasps the corners of his lips with his thumb and index finger and pushes the center of his lips forward to form a pucker. The movement is done for fifteen times. Then, the fingers are moved to the upper part of the face and the forehead is massaged and the area around the eyebrows. The cheeks are massaged with the fingertips in a circular motion, but with pressure to limit nerve damage affectation. Every part of the face is massaged for 20 minutes to promote blood circulation, which stimulates the damaged nerve and combats the paralysis.

Eye Protection

In bell’s palsy, it is vital to protect the eye that cannot be closed. According to Mayo Clinic, the person can use lubricating eyedrops during the day, plus an eye ointment at night; this is to keep the eye moist. Also, the person can wear glasses or goggles during the day and then an eye patch at night to protect the eye from being scratched or poked. This way, the risk of injury will be minimized..

Vitamin B – Niacin

Another remedy for bell’s palsy is vitamin B, specifically niacin. According to Health Wyze, the vitamin helps promote circulation in the outer issues of the face; thus, recovery will be faster. Vitamin B is known to be helpful in the central nervous system, particularly niacin. It also helps boost the brain’s function like cognition, memory, and problem solving. Food choices that are rich in vitamin B include meat and green leafy vegetables.

To better treat Bell’s Palsy, it is important to coordinate medical consult with a physician for proper assessment, planning, intervention, health education, and evaluation.




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