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Causes of Constipation Aside From Lack of Water and Fiber

We all know that constipation is usually caused by a diet that’s lacking in fiber-rich foods and also inadequate intake of water. But are you aware that you can eat all the fiber that you can and drink all the water that you want and still find yourself dealing with a bout of constipation? If you want to learn how, keep on reading. Don’t forget to share this article on social media so that your family and friends may also get informed.

Experts say that there are many other causes of constipation aside from poor intake of fiber and water. Below are some of the things that can also leave you suffering from constipation:

Constantly Relying on Painkillers

Do you make it a habit to pop ibuprofen or aspirin in your mouth each time you are experiencing a headache, muscle ache or joint ache? Then don’t be surprised if it seems like you are always constipated.

Regular intake of painkillers such as those mentioned above is linked to chronic constipation, doctors say. It’s for this reason why some doctors actually prescribe them together with stool softeners or laxatives, especially if their patients are expected to take painkillers for extended periods of time.

Overusing Laxatives

Speaking of laxatives, are you aware that the very drugs formulated to relieve constipation can cause constipation most especially if they are taken all the time and at very high doses? That’s because too much laxative use can eventually cause the bowels to lose their ability to empty themselves.

Laxative overuse is commonly seen in people who are trying to lose weight in the wrong manner. Some of them opt for OTC laxative pills, while others take weight loss supplements or teas with laxative properties.

Intake of Antidepressants

Are you taking antidepressants everyday and noticing that you are no longer regular? Well, there’s a huge possibility that the one to blame for such are those medications you are taking.

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Experts say that older types of antidepressants are known to cause constipation. You have two options if the ones you are taking leave you constipated. First, ask your doctor to also prescribe you with stool softeners or laxatives. Second, see if a different type of antidepressant may be prescribed.

Having an Underactive Thyroid

There is a medical condition in which the thyroid, a gland situated in the neck and releases hormones that regulate various bodily processes, becomes underactive. Doctors refer to it as hypothyroidism. It’s something that can slow down many different processes, and that includes your bowel movement.

If your doctor cannot seem to find anything about your diet or digestive system that can be linked to constipation, he or she may request for your thyroid to be checked.

Various Digestive Issues

Sometimes constipation is brought about by a problem concerning the digestive system. This is especially true when the intestines are the ones that are involved.

One issue related to the digestive system that can cause constipation is Crohn’s disease, and this is the inflammation of the colon and the third portion of the small intestine. Another one is ulcerative colitis, which can cause the inflammation of the rectum that can definitely leave anyone constipated.

Failure to Manage Diabetes

Are you diagnosed with diabetes and having a hard time putting it under control? Then don’t be surprised if one of the many problems that you encounter because of it is constipation. Uncontrolled diabetes causes high blood sugar levels, and it’s something that can cause nerve damage, including those of the digestive system.

This can result in the disruption of the proper functioning of the stomach and the rest of the digestive tract, which can then have an impact on your bowel movement.

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