RemediesForgetfulness Causes and Remedies

Forgetfulness Causes and Remedies

Forgetfulness is a problem for most people and it hits both men and women. It is usually associated with the elderly, but it is also affects the young adult to middle adult population. This can adversely affect a person’s activities or interaction with others. The following are the causes, signs and symptoms, and home remedies for forgetfulness.


Forgetfulness has various causes. According to Health Harvard, these include lack of sleep, since it leads to anxiety and mood changes, which contributes to memory problems; medicaions that affect memory, such as paroxetine, cimetidine, oxybutynin, tolterodine, captopril, amitriptyline, chlorpheniramine, and diphehydramine; underactive thyroid; excessive alcohol consumption; stress and anxiety; and depression. As per the publication, it is vital to seek medical advice if the memory lapses become a concern. This way, the doctor .will be able to advice more sleep, changing an alternative medication, or engaging to a stress reduction program.

Signs and Symptoms

Health Harvard lists seven symptoms of forgetfulness. One is transience, the inclination to forget facts or events over time, usually after the person learns it. Another symptom is absentmindedness, in which the person does not pay close attention to a detail. Blocking means forgetting something, in such a way that the information is right on the tip of the person’s tongue. Misattribution is remembering accurately a piece of information, but misattributes some details like person, place, and time. Suggestibility refers to the memory’s susceptibility to the power of suggestion while persistence refers to having negative, traumatic, and fearful memories. Finally, bias may also affect the person’s perceptions and experiences when they are being registered in the brain.

Home Remedies

While memory boosting supplements are out in the market, remedies can also be done at home to help manage forgetfulness. Here are some of them.


One remedy for forgetfulness is oil. According to Mind Body Green, oil from fish and coconut helps boost brain performance. As per the publication, sardines and salmon contain high amounts of docosahexaenoic acid or DHA; it is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that optimizes brain function, which includes memory. The publication suggests eating fish thrice a week and taking high-quality fish oil supplement to enhance memory. Then, coconut also acts as the “perfect brain fuel,” as per the publication, since it is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which provide energy to the brain. It is suggested to buy cold-pressed coconut oil and take around 20 ml per day. The oil can be added or mixed to smoothies or food choices like yogurt. Coconut oil can even be used in cooking.

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Another remedy for forgetfulness is imagery. According to How Stuff Works, this involves listing items, mental images, and visual prompts, which, as per the publication, could help the person forget his forgetfulness. The publication added intake of pistachio nuts, since they contain high amounts of vitamin B thiamine, which contributes to memory. It is added that half cup of the nuts provide 0.54 mg of thiamin; its RDA for men and women are 1.5 mg and 1.1, respectively.

Playing Against the Clock

Playing games against the clock also helps combat forgetfulness and improve memory. According to Huffington Post, times activities help a person pay attention, work fast, and think flexibly. This way, as per studies, as cited by the publication, memory function will be supported better. Examples include electronic and computer-based test and board games. Activities like yoga or meditation also help.

Forgetfulness robs a person of his memories, which may affect his performance of his daily activities, as well as his social dynamics with other people. Thus, a degree of this condition that raises one’s concern or worry should be resolved by a medical consult, which focuses on a proper assessment, with adequate planning, intervention, health education, and evaluation.




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