Common Habits That are Bad for the Pancreas

Unlike your brain, heart, liver and lungs, it seems like the pancreas is not talked about that often. Well, it’s something that has to change — your pancreas also deserves plenty of time in the limelight because it is one of the most important organs that you have.

Your pancreas has a couple of principal roles:

It secretes enzymes and juices that help in the digestion of protein and fat. Experts say that it also helps neutralize excess stomach acids by releasing sodium bicarbonate. 

It produces a number of hormones, one of the most noteworthy of which is insulin. What makes insulin so important is the fact that it’s the one that helps regulate the levels of sugar in your bloodstream.

Definitely, your wellbeing can be put in grave danger if the health of your pancreas is compromised. It can be very easy for your pancreas to wind up in a bad shape if you don’t take good care of it. It’s something that can become inflamed or enlarged. It may also end up exhausted, as well as develop cancer.

Telling if there’s something wrong with your pancreas is rather easy because there are a number of signs and symptoms associated with it, all of which can definitely keep you from leading a normal life.

Here are some signs that you may have a problem with your pancreas:

• There’s pain in your upper abdomen and in some instances your back, too.
• Bloating or abdominal distention may be present as well.
• You have jaundice which is characterized by the yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes.
• Your appetite is reduced and there’s unintended or unexplained weight loss.
• Nausea and vomiting may be present.
• You may also need to rush to the toilet very often because of loose stools or diarrhea.

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to keep your pancreas in an excellent shape. One of the things that you may do is steer clear of things that can wreak havoc to your pancreas. Below you will find some very common habits that are bad for your pancreas.

Each time you spot something that you are guilty of, vow to quit it right away. Here they are:

Cigarette smoking.

We all know that this habit can cause all sorts of health problems. Medical professionals say that smoking cigarettes can considerably increase your risk of having pancreatic cancer.

Drinking too much alcohol.

Just like cigarette smoking, excessive intake of alcohol is like inviting pancreatic cancer to develop. It’s also something that can put you at risk of having chronic pancreatitis.

Taking lots of refined sugar.

Definitely, it’s of utmost importance for you to minimize your intake of refined sugar to keep your pancreas in tip-top shape. Otherwise, your pancreas can become overworked and exhausted.

Consuming plenty of fats.

As mentioned earlier, one of the functions of your pancreas is to release enzymes that break down fats. If you eat plenty of fatty foods, then your pancreas can become fatigued.

Avoiding healthy fats.

Not all fats are the same — some of them can be very good for you such as omega-3 fatty acids. Make sure that your include fish, nuts and seeds in your diet to have your pancreas nourished.

Including processed foods in the diet.

It’s also a good idea for you to stay away from processed foods that contain toxins that are definitely bad not only for your pancreas, but also your other vital organs.

Not eating enough vegetables.

Vegetables are phenomenal sources of fiber that helps flush out toxins and some of the fats you eat, thus keeping your pancreas from working too hard.

Having a sedentary lifestyle.

Not being physically active can cause you to pack excess pounds, and that’s something that can be very bad for your pancreas and your overall health.

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