Astonishing Benefits of Choy Sum

Choy sum is a very popular vegetable in Asia. If you love eating Chinese vegetable dishes, then it’s very much likely that you have already consumed this leafy vegetable many times in the past. And that’s a good thing because choy sum provides various vitamins and minerals, and also fiber and free radical-fighting antioxidants.

If you like to learn more about choy sum, most especially the health benefits it brings, read on. After going through this article, share it on your different social media sites to introduce your family and friends to it, too!

A member of the cabbage family, choy sum is often compared to bok choi in terms of taste and appearance. However, you will notice that choy sum is actually kind of slimmer than bok choi. And just like bok choi, the leaves and stems of choy sum can be eaten, although you may find the flavor of its stems a little like mustard greens.

Worry not because cooking this leafy vegetable helps improve its taste. Often, chopped up choy sum is stir fried with other vegetables or sautéed with garlic. You can also have it steamed and boiled.

Now let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that choy sum offers, according to doctors:

It Strengthens the Immune System

Choy sum supplies the body with immune strengthening-vitamin C. By regularly including this vegetable in your diet, your risk of getting an upper respiratory tract infection can be reduced considerably. Most especially when the cold or flu season is nearing, load up on choy sum and other vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables to be protected.

It Keeps Your Skin Healthy and Also Beautiful

Vitamin C is not only for increasing one’s immunity, but also keeping the skin healthy. The said nutrient is essential for proper wound healing. And did you know that it can also make your skin looking young? Vitamin C is an antioxidant that zaps free radicals. Additionally, it helps in the production of collagen that keeps the skin free of wrinkles.

It Maintains Eye Health and Normal Vision

Another vitamin supplied by choy sum is vitamin A, which is very important for preventing various diseases that may affect the eyes and potentially lead to loss of vision if not treated promptly or effectively. Eye experts say that vitamin A is also necessary for maintaining 20/20 vision as well as improving night blindness.

It Promotes Better Digestion

Just like other leafy vegetables, choy sum is an excellent source of fiber. It’s exactly for this reason why adding it to the diet can help in improving the process of digestion. With optimum digestion, a lot of problems can be kept at bay, including indigestion, excess gas (flatulence), abdominal bloating and cramping, and constipation.

It Assists in Elimination of Excess Pounds

Are you trying to slim down? Then consider including choy sum and other fiber-rich vegetables in your diet as regularly as you can. That’s because choy sum’s fiber content makes the stomach expand, thus keeping you from overeating. With having seconds and cravings out of the picture, you will find it so much easier to attain your weight loss goals.

It Lowers Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Doctors say that choy sum may help in fending off osteoporosis by having the bones strengthened. There are a couple of ways that this leafy vegetable toughens up the bone. First, it supplies the body with calcium that maintains the integrity of the bones. Second, choy sum yields vitamin K that is needed by the body for better calcium absorption.

It Reduces Heart Disease Risk, Too

Because choy sum does not contain cholesterol and has loads of fiber, it helps in keeping heart disease at bay by saving the arteries from becoming clogged. There is also potassium in every serving of choy sum, and it’s a mineral that helps lower the blood pressure. High blood pressure is regarded as a risk factor for heart disease.

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