Kink in the Neck Home Remedies

It’s not uncommon for a kinked neck to strike in the morning, but then it’s something that can show up at any other time. And when it decides to appear, then your day is certainly already ruined — in some instances, it is so painful that it can make you want to vomit. This article will teach you some effective home remedies for this very common issue.

Although it is true that a kink in the neck can be caused by a medical condition like a pinched nerve or arthritis, most cases of it is actually caused by certain habits or lifestyle choices.

These days, one of the leading causes of a kinked neck is stress. When your stress levels are up for extended periods of time, your muscles stay tensed. This can impede proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to your neck, thus leaving it kinked. Having anxiety can make you susceptible to having a kinked neck, too.

Incorrect body positioning is also a very common culprit behind that kink in your neck. If you spend a great deal of time in front of your computer, then the way you sit may be improper, causing your neck to easily become kinked. Your position while spending time in dreamland may also be the one to blame — sometimes it’s due to placing a lot of pillows under your head, other times it’s brought about by a mattress that does not provide your spine enough support.

Worry not if a kink in the neck is bugging you. See which of the following home remedies for it can help make that issue that’s, well, a pain in the neck, go away in no time:


Applying ice is a super effective way to reduce pain and swelling that accompany a kink in the neck. What you need to do is place a few ice cubes in a plastic bag, and then wrap it in a clean kitchen towel. Place on the problem spot on the neck. You may do this several times a day, but each time no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a good idea for you to gently massage and stretch your neck muscles for a couple of minutes before using ice for relief.


Other than applying ice, you may also count on heat to alleviate that pesky kink in the neck. That’s because heat improves blood circulation, and this allows the affected neck muscles and ligaments to be healed in no time. For this particular home remedy for a kinked neck, you may use a heating pad. You may also fill an old sock with rice, seal the open end, and microwave for a minute. After checking that it’s not scorching hot, place it over the affected area of the neck.


If you don’t mind applying something greasy on your neck, then you may massage a little liniment on your neck to get rid of both pain and stiffness that come with a kinked neck. If greasiness makes you feel icky, then simply opt for a liniment patch. Just in case you do not like counting on anything that smells menthol, simply add a few drops of water to a little turmeric and mix. Massage and leave the resulting deep yellow-colored paste on the neck for relief.


Finally, it’s a good idea for you to relax if you have a kinked neck. That’s because stressing over it can actually make things turn out for the worse — your neck muscles will only tighten further, thus aggravating the issue. Whether you are leading a very stressful life or you suffer from anxiety attacks, employing various stress-busting and anxiety-relieving activities like yoga and a relaxing bath can help relieve a kink in the neck, and also keep it from coming back.

CAUTION: If that kink in your neck refuses to go away after a few days with the help of the above mentioned remedies, it’s a good idea for your neck to be seen by a doctor. There are cases in which a kinked neck is due to an underlying medical condition, and having it identified and treated is the only way to make it go away effectively.

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