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Best Aromatherapy Candles for Insomnia

Are you bad at getting a good night’s sleep? Before taking a sleeping pill, it’s a good idea for you to first give some all-natural remedies for insomnia a try. The use of aromatherapy candles is one of the most effective.

In this article, you will learn which aromatherapy candles can help you catch some Z’s.

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No, aromatherapy candles are not only for adding colors to your home and also making it smell fantastic. The various scents of these decorative and nose-friendly candles can also impact the body and mind in various ways.

Some aromatherapy candles are great for beating anxiety and depression. Others are superb at lowering high levels of stress. Then there are those that are proven so effective against insomnia.

Excited to get to dreamland without trouble? Try these aromatherapy candles for insomnia:


There is no denying that lighting a rose aromatherapy candle can make any room in your home smell so unforgettable. Did you know that it’s also something that can help you get much-needed sleep?

Rose can induce nice memories, which can definitely lift your mood and help you fall asleep.And by the way, many can attest to the effectiveness of rose aromatherapy candles in boosting the libido. In other words, lighting one can be an all-natural aphrodisiac!


Consuming a cup of lavender tea is one of the most popular home remedies for insomnia. It doesn’t come as a surprise why a lavender aromatherapy candle can also help make insomnia go away.

The moment that you light it up, it can calm not only the body, but also your mind.

Using this aromatherapy candle is especially recommended if your inability to get a good night’s sleep is often caused by anxious thoughts — lavender aromatherapy candles have anxiety-lowering properties.

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Because the intake of chamomile tea is another well-known solution for sleeplessness, lighting a chamomile aromatherapy candle is also a wonderful idea if you want to get some shut-eye.

What’s so nice about chamomile aromatherapy candle is it’s so gentle on the nose.

If you are leading a very busy life and stress is something that is leaving you wide awake at night, then you can count on this aromatherapy candle as it’s very good at easing tension and stress.


Some people suffer from insomnia due to what’s called restless leg syndrome. If you’re one of them, then the best aromatherapy candle for you to go for is jasmine.

That’s because jasmine’s very pleasing smell is known to help relax the muscles.

But you don’t need to have restless leg syndrome to benefit from jasmine aromatherapy candles — feel free to light one up each time you want to relax or enjoy sleep that’s rejuvenating.


If you are into earthy or woody scents, then the perfect insomnia-fighting aromatherapy candle for you is something that is infused with cedarwood essential oil.

As soon as it is lit up, its characteristic aroma will help calm your nervous system.

This aromatherapy candle is the perfect one to add to your home if you often have bouts of anxiety and stress. At night, you can depend on it if you are having a hard time getting some sleep.

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