Healthy Picks Know Why Snow Peas Should be Consumed Regularly

Know Why Snow Peas Should be Consumed Regularly

Several years in the past, snow peas were only commonly seen at Chinese restaurants — back in those times, they were called “Chinese pea pods”. These days, however, snow peas are practically available everywhere and all year round. That’s excellent news most especially for health-conscious individuals.

What makes snow peas easier to love than other legumes is the fact that they boast of a sweet and tasty flavor. Because of this, you are not going to have a hard time eating them raw or cooked. You can throw a handful of raw ones into your salad bowl, or toss some of them sliced or whole into a wok with other vegetables for stir frying.

Due to the taste and versatility of snow peas, including them in your diet on a regular basis should not be an issue. And it’s a wonderful idea to consume them frequently because they are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So much so that snow peas offer the following incredible health benefits:

Lowered Anemia Risk

One of the many, many nutrients found in snow peas is iron. It’s exactly for this reason why these legumes are perfect for people who have iron-deficiency anemia. It’s never too early to ward off the said blood condition — snow peas are also excellent for people who are at risk of it, like women who bleed heavily during their period or are pregnant.

Prevented Neural Tube Defects

Speaking of pregnant women, one of the things that they should strive for is keeping their babies from having neural tube defects, or issues concerning the brain and nervous system. Something serious as that can easily be prevented by consuming snow peas regularly because it’s rich in folate that helps prevent neural tube defects.

Toughened Bones

Calcium is another nutrient that you can obtain from snow peas. So if you want to lower your risk of having osteoporosis, which is characterized by the weakening of the bones, simply make sure that your diet includes calcium-rich snow peas regularly. Phosphorous and potassium in these legumes also help strengthen your bones.

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Regulated Blood Pressure

Because potassium is already mentioned, let’s tackle the blood pressure-lowering benefits of snow peas which contain good amounts of the said nutrient. Medical experts say that potassium is a vasodilator, which means that it can cause your blood vessels to widen. That’s a good thing as it causes the blood pressure to stay normal.

Strengthened Immune System

Another vital nutrient that you can obtain from snow peas in good amounts is vitamin C. Every health-conscious individual knows that this vitamin is essential for lowering a person’s risk of having infections since it’s an immune strengthener. Especially when the cold or flu season is nearing, it’s a good idea to load up on snow peas.

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Beautified Skin

Vitamin C is not only good for making the immune system strong, but also causing the skin to look young and beautiful. That’s because it is a requirement for the making of collagen, which is a protein type that firms up the skin so it is less susceptible to wrinkling. Vitamin C also fights off free radicals that cause accelerated aging of the skin.

Improved Eye Health

There is another vitamin present in impressive amounts in snow peas, and that’s vitamin A. Eye specialists say that a diet high in this vitamin is essential for keeping the eyes healthy and lowering one’s risk of having problems that can lead to vision loss. If you want to keep your eyesight for life, regularly consume vitamin A-rich snow peas.

Regulated Bowel Movement

Snow peas, just like other legumes, are packed with fiber. This only means that their inclusion in your diet on a regular basis can help in preventing constipation. When having a diet that’s rich in fiber, make sure that you also drink plenty of water and get enough physical activity in order to assist fiber in doing its job.

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