Home Remedies for Loss of Voice

You are able to utter words because of your voice box, or what medical experts refer to as the larynx. When your larynx gets excessively strained or infected by bacteria or virus, it becomes inflamed. This results in what’s called laryngitis, and it’s something that may leave you without a voice temporarily.

More often than not, laryngitis only leaves your voice hoarse or weak. However, it’s very much possible for you to lose your voice completely in extreme cases. Other than changes with your voice or the absence of it, other symptoms that you may experience during a bout of laryngitis include dry cough and sore throat. If the problem is bacterial or viral in nature, you may also experience fever and swollen lymph nodes, in particular the ones in the neck.

Being seen by a doctor is important most especially if your laryngitis is brought about by invading bacteria or virus so that you may be prescribed with the right medication. Then there are also steps that you may do at home to bring back your voice that was taken away by laryngitis. Here are some of the best:

Take Apple Cider Vinegar

Were you told by your doctor that your problem is bacterial or viral in nature? Twice a day, dissolve a tablespoon of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. Add a tablespoon of organic honey, too. Drink the mix because it will help zap those microbes behind the problem, resolving that loss of voice and laryngitis ASAP.

Have Freshly-Brewed Ginger Tea

Everyone knows that ginger tea is good for dealing with indigestion and queasiness. Did you know that it’s also a superb fighter of laryngitis? Peel and chop up a small piece of fresh ginger root. Allow it to steep in a cup of boiling water for several minutes. Afterwards, strain and add a teaspoon of organic honey, and then consume. Take freshly-brewed ginger tea several times a day to regain your voice as well as fight off laryngitis.

Try Slippery Elm

If you have easy access to a local herbal or health food store, try getting your hands on slippery elm. Actually, it’s a very popular remedy for gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, courtesy of its mucilage content which coats the esophagus and keeps it from further irritation. The mucilage of slippery elm is also beneficial for someone who is battling laryngitis and is experiencing loss of voice and various other related signs and symptoms.

Drink Lemon Water

You may also put an end to that loss of voice and laryngitis by drinking lemon water every now and then. It’s no secret that lemon is loaded with vitamin C that strengthens your immune system and fights off inflammation. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water. Give it a quick stir and bottoms up!

Swallow a Clove of Raw Garlic

Because of its amazing antibacterial and antiviral properties, you may count on garlic each time you are left with no voice by your laryngitis. All you have to do is peel a fresh clove of garlic and put it in your mouth. Chew it for a few times and then swallow. Can’t imagine doing that? Worry not because you may simply include lots of garlic in your food so that you may bounce back from laryngitis so much faster and start enjoying your voice once again.

Give Your Voice a Rest

Last but not least, make sure that your voice gets plenty of rest. Definitely, trying to speak when you can’t will only make the problem stay around much longer. Experts say that whispering and even clearing your throat should be avoided as well. Make sure that you steer clear of drinking alcohol. Smoking cigarettes is a clear no-no!

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