Banish Prickly Heat with Home Remedies

Most of us welcome the summer season as this is the time for us to start enjoying more of the outdoors and finding an excuse to spend the weekends at the beach or at the pool for a much-needed R and R. But the unbearable temperatures can leave us hot and sweltering to the point that our skin cannot produce sweat quickly enough to cool us down. This triggers that prickly heat on our skin which can be hot to the touch, rough and unbearable at times too. Fortunately, prickly heat doesn’t have to dampen your summer enjoyment because there are several home remedies that can help you. Here are a few that you should know of.

Aloe vera

Gathering the gel from the leaves of the aloe plant and applying it on the affected parts of your skin can actually help reduce the itching and inflammation fairly quickly. This is due to the fact that the gel has a soothing effect on the damaged skin while spreading a protective covering on the surface to prevent bacteria and fungi from forming.


This kitchen staple is actually an effective remedy to soothe the prickly heat dotting your skin this summer. Working as an antiperspirant, cornstarch reduces the amount of sweat that your body is producing thus alleviating prickly heat. You can use your cornstarch in place of your deodorant if you like. If you are sensitive to corn, this powder may cause some side effects. If this is safe for you to use, simply dust some cornstarch on the affected part of your skin.


What other home remedies can help you deal with prickly heat? Well, cucumber may be good for your salad and your infused drink, but this water-filled vegetable is also an effective treatment for your prickly heat. You can slice some to place on your damaged skin to reduce the inflammation. Aside from containing a high amount of water, cucumber also comes with vitamins and minerals that can repair your damaged skin.

Cold compress

You can use cold compress too, if you wish to alleviate the hot and burning sensation on your prickly heat. Cold compress can be placed directly on the affected area of your skin. You can take a cool shower too after spending some time outdoors to help lower your temperature and to minimize the prickly sensation on your skin too.

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