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Squid Health Benefits

Squid is one of the common seafood people see on the table. Often used for various dishes, it can be boiled or fried and served as a bar snack or an appetizer. The following are the health benefits of squid, along with a sample recipe.

Health Benefits

Brain Health

One health benefit of squid is the promotion of nervous health. According to Foodofy, squid contains vitamin B, specifically vitamin B2 or riboflavin. Vitamin B in general is the vitamin of choice when it comes to promoting the function of the brain, such as learning, thinking, focus, and memory. It is the reason vitamin B is taken by people who are taking isoniazid; isoniazid’s side effect is neuritis, which is countered and prevented by vitamin B. As per the publication, vitamin B2 supplements also serve are a means to prevent migraines. Hence, eating squid as part of the diet helps boost the brain’s performance, enabling a person to carry out his everyday tasks.

Cardiovascular Health

Squid also helps promote the health of the heart and the blood vessels. According to Live Strong, squid contains potassium; as per the publication, 3 oz. of squid contains 209 milligrams of the nutrient, which is only about 4% of the 4,700 milligrams of potassium requirement per day. Potassium is vital in the sodium-potassium pump and body fluid regulation. Sodium retains water in the body while potassium promotes its excretion by countering sodium.

Sample Recipe

One recipe that uses squid as one of its main ingredients includes Quick Stewed Squid with Tomatoes. According to Jamie Oliver, the ingredients include fresh squid, chopped tomatoes, lemon zest and wedges, butter beans, smoked paprika, red chili, black olives, garlic, parsley leaves, red onion, and a splash of olive oil.

To prepare, oil is heated in a saucepan while garlic, onion and parsley are fried until they become soft. Then, the olives, paprika, and chili are added and fried for a minute before adding the tomatoes. The ingredients are mildly simmered for 15 minutes. Next, the butter beans are added and seasoned with salt and pepper; the ingredients are brought back to the boil and the squid is laid on one layer on top of the tomato sauce. After that, the pan is covered with a lid or double sheet of foil and then gently simmered for five minutes. Once done, the squid is checked for doneness and is seasoned to taste. The chopped parsley leaves and grated lemon zest are also mixes and sprinkled over the dish. Finally, the food is served with lemon wedges.

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Squid is considered one of the healthy food options with its many health benefits. Thus, it can be added to various dishes or made into its own dish for groups of friends and families.

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