Are You Addicted to Food? Here are the Signs

Food supplies the body with all sorts of nutrients for its proper functioning. Food also pleases the senses. It’s because of this reason why some people get addicted to food, particularly the ones they enjoy consuming so much.

According to scientists, foods that can get people hooked on them are those that trigger certain types of chemical changes in the brain as well as influence the levels of glucose in the blood. These foods are usually rich in fat, sugar and sodium. It’s for this reason why food addiction can have very serious consequences — a person who is addicted to food cannot stop eating, even it’s quite obvious that it’s already showing some very serious effects.

Usually, people who suffer from food addiction feel down whenever they are not consuming the foods that they love. So what they do is stuff their faces with their favorite treats, which makes them feel good. However, eventually they will become depressed because of what they did, so they will turn once more to food in order to lift their mood. As you can see, it can be a vicious cycle that can be very, very difficult for a food addict to stop from happening!

But just because the thought of a really moist slice of chocolate cake or a couple of scoops of your favorite ice cream with toppings make your mouth fill with saliva doesn’t mean right away that you are a food addict. Continue reading to know some of the signs that you may already be hooked on food and thus require professional help.

Eating More Food Than the Stomach Can Hold

Someone who is addicted to food tend to eat even if he or she already feels full. Even if the person already feels sick to the stomach, food consumption still continues. For as long as there is food in front of an individual who is a food addict, chances are that he or she will try to eat everything in sight.

Eating When Hidden From Everyone’s View

A food addict knows that he or she is actually hooked on food, and is also well-aware that people around can see the said problem. It’s for this reason why it is not uncommon for someone who is addicted to food to eat in isolation. Food addicts also make the fact that they eat a lot a secret to their spouses, family, friends and co-workers.

Eating is the Reason for Avoiding Social Interactions

Those who are addicted to food not only overeat when no one is looking, but they also deliberately avoid everyone just to be able to spend time eating their favorite treats. It’s not unusual for a person who has food addiction to decline social events as they would rather spend time alone eating.

Eating Keeps You From Being Productive

Food consumption among food addicts can be so severe that it can actually keep them from maintaining their careers or carrying out their jobs very well. Another thing that keeps those who are hooked on food from being productive is the fact that their problem actually leaves them feeling depressed and exhausted all the time.

Eating Causes Problems Concerning Sleep to Arise

Here’s one more reason why those who are addicted to food end up losing their careers or jobs: they tend to develop sleep problems. Some people who have food addiction wind up having insomnia, while others tend to sleep a lot. No matter the case, having a sleep problem can definitely have a huge impact on anyone’s life — food addict or not.

There are many, many other signs of food addiction. If you are experiencing some or all of the above, then it is a good idea to consult a therapist in order to have the problem resolved.

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