Remedies 6 Easy Remedies to Banish Acne

6 Easy Remedies to Banish Acne

They say that acne is part of growing up because your hormones start to change, but when you’ve gone beyond the teenage phase and still have to deal with the embarrassing blemishes on your face, you might want to look for solutions on how to get rid of them and fast. Most of us use creams and ointments to reduce the redness and itching while others prefer to use concealers to hide these blemishes. Although these solutions work, they are only considered as short term fixes. What you need is a treatment that will help get rid of this pesky skin problem and keep it away for good. With that being said, here are 6 remedies that you can start with to get rid of acne.

Increase your fiber intake

One way to banish acne and keep it from coming back is to have more fiber in your body. Fiber can help improve digestion so that all the nutrients from the food that you are eating get absorbed by your body properly. Also, this inhibits inflammation from occurring which is one of the reasons why acne is triggered. Go for foods like chia seeds, sprouts, vegetables, and flax seeds just to name a few.

Use aloe vera

Aloe vera is often the go-to solution for those who are suffering from cuts, bruises, and burns. But did you know that this can also be used to combat acne? Not only does it reduce inflammation, but it has a cooling and soothing effect that can relieve you of the pain and itching. Also, aloe vera can reduce the scars left behind by acne so you can get beautiful skin too.

Reduce sugar intake

Another reason why your skin breaks out in acne is because of eating too much sugar. Eating sweet treats such as chocolates, cakes, and what not can elevate your blood sugar levels and can affect your hormones too. A better option would be to swap your refined sugar with natural sweeteners like stevia and honey instead.

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Turmeric can help

Did you know that turmeric is also a useful treatment when it comes to acne breakouts? It’s anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties can fight off the irritation and inflammation on your skin so your acne problem can be reduced significantly. Put turmeric powder in a bowl and add some pineapple juice to it then mix until you create a paste. Apply the mixture on the affected areas afterwards. Leave it on for a few minutes then wash your face thoroughly.

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Get some zinc

You should also load up on foods that are rich in zinc as this mineral is needed by your body to support your immune system. This, in turn, can fight off any bacteria that may be triggering your acne. Zinc can also aid in healing your body from any condition and can aid in bodily repair too. Foods like shellfish, baked beans, and fortified cereals are among those foods that contain this important mineral.

Olive oil works too

Another easy remedy to use against acne is olive oil. This is one of the easiest and safest oils available in supermarkets that can fight off acne while nourishing your skin. This is due to the fact that it is packed with vitamins E and K which are known for their healing and repairing of the skin. The iron, potassium, sodium, and calcium in olive oil can also make your skin more elastic and can combat irritation and inflammation too. Get one tablespoon of olive oil and apply gently on the affected areas of your skin. Massage gently until the oil is absorbed. Dip a towel in warm water and wipe the excess oil off. Wash your face with fresh water after five minutes.

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