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Not being able to burp can make you feel so miserable. Unfortunately, there are some people who are unable to make themselves burp no matter how urgent the desire is to release trapped gas in the stomach, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unhealthy. It’s just that they are terrible at burping.

If you are one of those people, continue reading. Below you will come across some tips on forcing yourself to burp. After reading this article, share it to let your family and friends know how they can make themselves burp on cue.

Excess gas in the stomach needs to be released in the form of a burp. It can be embarrassing particularly when there are people around you, but it can give you much-needed relief, nonetheless. Too much gas in the tummy can cause abdominal bloating and distention, both of which can cause sheer discomfort.

Unfortunately, some people are not very good at burping. Often, they have to experience a lot of uneasiness for several minutes before they can be released from their post-meal misery.

Here are some of the things that you may try the next time you want to burp to end your dilemma:

Count on Carbonated Drinks

It may sound like having soda or any other carbonated beverage is counterintuitive, but usually it’s all that you need to do in order to expel gas trapped in your stomach. Introducing air bubbles into your belly helps increase pressure in your stomach, forcing excess gas in it to shoot out of your mouth.

Pinch Your Nose and Drink Water

Trying to stay away from soda because it’s sugary? Worry not because you can simply reach for a glass of water. But while drinking it, make sure that you pinch your nose. Doing this very important trick helps ensure that it’s not just water that you are glugging down, but also air. With more air in your belly, it can become easier to burp.

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Start Chewing Gum

As soon as there’s this urge to burp but you are quite sure that it can take a while for it to happen, pop a piece of gum in your mouth and start chewing. This causes you to swallow air, which can then prompt a burp to strike. Opting for peppermint flavored gum is a good idea especially if you are also experiencing nausea.

Munch on an Apple or a Pear

Reaching for a gas-forming food is a great idea if you feel that there is still available space in your stomach. One of the best foods to opt for is an apple. Some people swear by the effectiveness of a pear. You can go for any other fruit or vegetable, although just make sure that it’s something that requires lots and lots of chewing action.

Just Start Moving

While the discomfort brought about by having too much gas in the stomach can make you just want to sit or lie down, the truth is it can be more beneficial for you to engage in some form of physical activity. You can choose to take a walk around the block or ride a bicycle. Any activity that engages the core muscles can help you burp.

The Knee Knows How

You may also lie on the floor on your back and take your knees close to your stomach. Hold this position for a few minutes until you burp. Or you may also kneel on the floor and bow down until your knees are applying pressure on your tummy. See which of these techniques can deliver so much better.

Do you know any other tip on how to force a burp? If so, feel free to share it below in the comments section so that those who often have a hard time burping may give it a try, too!

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