Yoga Poses to Do with Yoga Wheel

Yoga is one of the most effective exercises out there that not only speeds up your metabolism but it can also tone and strengthen your muscles. If you want to get the most out of your yoga sessions, using yoga wheel can do you a world of good. This circular tool can be used as a support as you bend yourself backwards or do side bends and the like. It will give you control on where to put the most pressure on your muscles too.

There are several yoga poses that you can do with the yoga wheel and some of these are:

  • Drape. This is probably the simplest pose that you can do with the wheel. Lie back on top of the wheel with your feet pressed to the ground and your hands on the floor overhead. Allow your chest to open and your shoulders to fall back to give your upper body a nice stretch. Rocking yourself forward and backward can also help stimulate your blood while giving yourself a much needed massage.
  • Monkey pose. You need to start with your right leg extended in front of you with your foot resting on your heel. Your right knee should be slightly bent with your hands on either side of the leg to help support yourself. Bring the top of your left foot and your left knee to the ground behind you. Roll the yoga wheel underneath your right ankle then move your weight back to the center to go deep as you can manage. If you want to get a deeper massage, raise your arms overhead then bend yourself backwards.
  • Rocking side bends. Side bends can help release the kinks in your sides especially after a strenuous day so roll out your yoga wheel and do a side bend to help stretch your muscles. Lie down on top of the wheel on your left side with your left knee on the ground and your right extended outsides and balanced on the ball of your right foot. Position your left elbow and forearm on the floor with the right stretching outwards. Rock the wheel as you see fit to help work on the tight muscles then release. Repeat the same steps with the other side.
  • Pigeon pose. For this yoga pose, you should start by kneeling on the floor with your knees together and your hips on the ground. Raise your hips off the ground for a few inches then roll the yoga wheel underneath you. Lean back on the wheel until you find a position that is comfortable then let gravity open your chest up. Try to reach your arms overhead until your hands can touch the wheel and hold this pose for a few seconds.

Using a yoga wheel can help make it easier for you to execute difficult yoga poses because you now have a support to use. The yoga wheel can help your executions become better in no time.




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