Tips on How to Create Your At-Home Retreat

Have you ever wanted to go on a relaxing day at a spa where you can get pampered all day long? Who doesn’t want such a treatment. But like others, we often wonder whether we can spare the time and money for such an indulgence. Well, you might be surprised to find that you can actually re-create your very own retreat in your own home. Creating your own retreat is not that hard to do. There are a few steps that you can take to make a special place for rest and relaxation in your home. Here are a few that you might want to try out.

Open a day

Check your calendar and choose a date where you can actually take a day to spend some time relaxing. This can be next month where you are sure that no dates will be booked as of yet. Make sure that you stick to this date as much as possible because this is your time to care of yourself.

Make a schedule

Another tip for you to create an at-home retreat is to actually make a schedule of what you are going to do for the day. For example, you can set a time for you to wake up so you will be able to meditate or do yoga. Fill up the rest of your day with relaxing activities that you can do to help release the stress that you are feeling.

Pick your space

Since you will be doing your retreat in your own home, it is important that you choose a space where you can do your much needed pampering. This place should be comfortable and where you won’t be disturbed unexpectedly. Once you have selected your spot, you should then make it a place where you can retreat. Get some throw pillows, light some candles, turn down the lights, and wear comfortable clothing. You’ll feel that you’re already in a retreat!


If you really want to create that at-home retreat that you’ve always wanted, it is important that you learn to unplug from your gadgets when you can. This is important on your day of pampering because you don’t want to be disturbed at this point. Turn off your cellphone, tablets, and even your computer, so you will be able to enjoy this day without having to worry about emails, notifications, and the like.


It is important that you hydrate yourself during your retreat to help detoxify your body from impurities. You can actually use this opportunity to clear your body from toxic substances that may have accumulated over time. If you are bored with water, you can make infusions if you like or detox with tea. There is much to be gained when you flush the harmful toxins in your body because you will feel lighter afterwards.

Tell others

If you plan on going on a retreat and you don’t want to be disturbed or have others worry about why they can’t reach you, you should tell them. This way, they will know what is happening and let you do your thing without disturbing you at all. Some would even ask how did it go and even ask tips from you as well. 

These are just a few tips that you can follow to create your own at-home retreat experience without spending much. The best part is that you can actually do this any time you feel that you need to take a break from everything. You’ll feel better afterwards because of it.

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