Here are Some Health Benefits That Samphire Offers

Samphire is something that can help make your quest to include more fresh vegetables in the diet a more enjoyable one — it provides crunch and a little saltiness to whatever it is added to, from soups to salads. Actually, it is possible to consume samphire raw, but blanching or stir-frying it can reduce the salty flavor that it has.

Also sometimes referred to as sea pickle, samphire is actually a sea vegetable that tends to grow in rocks right next to salty bodies of water. Needless to say, you can come across so many Japanese specialties with samphire — you can easily spot them because they’re bright green in color, and they are thin and branched.

However, samphire can be added to many other treats than those that come from Japan. You may in fact have it stir-fried together with just about any other vegetable that you like or can think of. Or you may also dunk some of it to your favorite garden salad. Thanks to its saltiness, samphire can save you from reaching for the salt shaker.

Including samphire in your diet on a regular basis is a wonderful idea because, just like other sea vegetables out there, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that you need to attain or maintain optimum health. Here are some of the most impressive health benefits that you can get from consuming this gem that comes from the sea:

Reduced Risk of Constipation

Sea vegetables are just as loaded with dietary fiber as vegetables from the land. This is exactly the reason why having samphire added to your diet regularly can help in preventing constipation. According to medical experts, eating fiber-rich foods like samphire may also lower your risk of having colon cancer.

Optimized Digestion

Fiber present abundantly in samphire is also essential for boosting the process of digestion. As a result, your body can efficiently unlock and take advantage of all the nutrients in the food you eat. In addition, having your digestion optimized helps save you from experiencing the likes of abdominal cramps, bloating and flatulence.

Increased Beneficial Bacteria

Samphire and other foods rich in fiber also help make sure that the beneficial bacteria in your gut are well-fed, which lets them multiply and effectively neutralize harmful microbes. There are many benefits to enjoy for having lots of good bacteria in your intestines, and a lifted mood and stronger immune system are just some of them.

Lowered Infection Risk

Speaking of a strong immune system, there is another reason why the regular consumption of samphire can help in getting your body more defended against those disease-causing invading microbes: it has vitamin C. In other words, your chances of getting down with the cold or flu can be considerably reduced.

Slowed Aging

Vitamin C present in samphire also helps keep your skin looking young and healthy, and it does so in a couple of ways. First, the nutrient is an antioxidant that fights off skin-damaging free radicals. Second, vitamin C helps encourage collagen production. Due to these reasons, you can consider samphire as an all-natural age-defying agent.

Improved Eye Health and Vision

Another vitamin that you can obtain from every serving of samphire is vitamin A. It’s common knowledge that this nutrient is so important for warding off eye diseases, some of which can eventually cause loss of eyesight. Also, vitamin A is necessitated for keeping your vision really sharp, including at night — it helps reduce night blindness.

Toughened Bones

Samphire also supplies your body with calcium which, as everybody knows, is a mineral that helps strengthen the bones. Did you know that magnesium present in samphire also helps in making your bones tough? That’s because it actually assists in the metabolism of calcium, as well as its absorption by the bones.

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