Reasons Why the Nose Seems Congested All the Time

You are quite certain that you don’t have the common cold or flu, and yet your nose is congested — and it’s like all the time! Keep on reading this article to know some of the probable reasons why.

Suffering from an infection of the upper part of the respiratory system often leaves you with nasal congestion because your body is trying to flush out microbes that are responsible for the ongoing infection.

However, a congested nose can also be due to a bunch of other reasons that need to be identified by doctors so that the right medications or procedures can be administered, putting the problem to an end.


There are simply so many parts of a woman’s body that may become swollen during pregnancy. Some of them are her ankles and of course her belly. Did you know that the membranes of her nose can become swollen, too?

Because of the thickening of the membranes in the nose, she may feel like she’s stuffy even though she isn’t ill. And by the way, she may also experience nose bleeds from time to time, which is perfectly normal.

Rebound Congestion

Do you often reach for a bottle of decongestant nasal spray each time your nose is clogged up? If you use it for more than 3 days straight, it’s not unlikely for you to experience what’s called rebound congestion.

Put simply, your body has become hooked on your favorite decongestant nasal spray that it causes congestion the moment you quit using the product, leaving you with no choice but to use it again.

Sinus Infection

The common cold or flu usually goes away on its own in a week or two. If seems to be taking longer than that, consider paying your doctor a visit — you may already be suffering from a bacterial sinus infection.

Fever, nasal discharge with pus, and painful sinuses are some of the most common symptoms of a sinus infection that’s bacterial in nature. Such is commonly treated with a course of antibiotics.

An Underactive Thyroid

Hypothyroidism is the fancy medical term for an underactive thyroid. Some of its symptoms include constipation, fatigue, dry skin, feeling cold all the time, thinning hair and nasal congestion.

To determine whether or not the cause of your constant bout of congestion and other symptoms is hypothyroidism, the levels of THS is checked. By the way, THS stands for thyroid-stimulating hormone.

Nasal Polyps

It’s true that the way they’re called can leave you breaking out in a cold sweat, but the truth is nasal polyps are benign, which means that they are not cancerous. But despite of this, they can really be meddlesome.

The presence of nasal polyps can cause obstruction in your airways, leaving you feeling like you’re constantly congested. While they can be removed surgically, nasal polyps tend to grow back.

So if your nose seems congested all the time and you are quite certain that you are not suffering from either the common cold or flu, pay your doctor a visit so that the root cause of it can be identified and treated properly.

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