5 TCM Herbs You Need to Have at Home

Even in these modern times where we often turn to medication to treat whatever it is that ails us, there is always room for natural remedies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. This traditional medicine has often been used for treating various illnesses from headaches to insomnia, to menstrual cramps, and even depression. The good news is that there are lots of places where you can get these herbs. If you want to be ready for any illnesses that you may acquire, you might want to stock up on these herbs in your home.

Wolfberry Fruit

Those who have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine recommend wolfberry fruit if you have some problems with your eyesight. Another plus to this dried fruit is that it can also be used to cleanse your liver. Wolfberries are useful in promoting better blood circulation throughout the body. You can use it to make your skin look younger too as it can help improve your yin energy.


This herb is often associated for enhancing one’s energy levels as for its aphrodisiac properties. But there is more to ginseng. You can also use it to treat a variety of health issues like high blood pressure, PMS, menopause, and even erectile dysfunction just to name a few. You can make ginseng tea or you can chew a few slices of it depending on the suggestion of a professional TCM practitioner. Having this in your stock will help you solve different ailments for sure.


Chrysanthemums are quite beautiful to look at. Aside from being used as decoration in your home, you can also use it for treating certain ailments. For one thing, you can use this flower when you have tired eyes because it has soothing properties. It can also reduce the heat in the liver so that it will be able to function better. You can also use it to combat cough that has plenty of phlegm. To use this flower, simply boil the flower with a tangerine peel so you will be able to make a tea out of it. Drink this solution to reduce the amount of mucus in your throat.

Reishi mushrooms

The Chinese put a lot of value on the red and black reishi mushrooms because they can help improve one’s immune system. There are other health benefits to be gained from these mushrooms such as increase the vitality of white blood cells, boost the efficacy of antioxidants, and even help promote relaxation too.

Dang Gui

This herb is well known in TCM because of its ability to relax the muscles. This is quite handy when it comes to treating different illnesses. What’s even better is that it can help with any infertility issues that you may be having, especially in women. The Chinese use this herb for hypertension, angina, and even irregular heartbeat.

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